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Plus One Blog Carnival Rewards Action And Sees Results

Plus One Blog Carnival Rewards Action And Sees Results

I think it would be fair to say that Nick Grimshawe is happy with the initial results of his Plus One Blog Carnival project…and rightly so.

Inspired by Jon’s Plus 1 Success, he set up this spin off program with the intention of getting members of the community involved and taking action.

Jon, Nick and many others will tell you that there can be no results without action.

Those marketers who promise you untold riches from doing nothing other than sitting back on the beach and watching the money pour in are selling an impossible dream.

If you are going to be successful in anything in your life, then you have to take action and start doing things.

Big names in the community including Winter Perkins, Sunny Suggs, Marian Gurowicz, Andrew Stark, Tom Wacker, Serge Cote, Adrian Gurgui and Keith Butterworth all contributed to the project by writing special blog posts for the Plus One Carnival.

Other members of the community participated by leaving comments and were asked to vote for their favorite post – Sunny topped the poll by picking up 56% of the vote.

Here are some other interesting numbers from Nick’s blog carnival…59 comments were received to the blog posts…there were 13,200 hits to the main page and 59,000 XP was awarded to those who left comments on the blog posts.

Community events like this help get everyone who takes part noticed. Getting noticed is a huge part in building up relationships and becoming liked and trusted.

And all these parts together add up to building a business, making sales and putting your online activities to best use.

4 responses to “Plus One Blog Carnival Rewards Action And Sees Results”

  1. Jon Olson says:

    I loved this on so many levels…

    All the theory in the world is useless unless you put it into practice.

    And seeing these bloggers, put things into practice each and every day was so rewarding.

    Awesome stuff Nick!!

  2. Thanks Patrick for the review of our Plus One Blog Carnival, and thanks to everyone who participated.

    I have to say this project was a lot of fun for me, while also challenging me to step outside my comfort zone.

    I look forward to the next project.


  3. Every body loves a carnival

  4. James Ong says:

    Yeah, communities are important for successful campaigns.

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