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One Social Media Mistake You Will Never Want To Make

One Social Media Mistake You Will Never Want To Make

It is easy to get social media very badly wrong.

Generally using it to push the “buy my stuff” message is using social media very badly wrong indeed.

Imagine walking up to someone in the street and saying: “Hey I just bumped into you in the car park ten minutes ago…my name is Steve and I have a great opportunity for you right now, let me take some time to explain…”

If you are like me you would make your excuses and leave and make a mental note to quicken your pace if ever you bumped into Steve again.

So why do so many people think it is quite acceptable to turn up out of the blue on Twitter, Facebook and Skype and immediately launch into a sales pitch?

Even if I wanted what they were selling I would never, ever, buy from someone who was so rude and inconsiderate as to presume I would be happy to just drop everything and listen to his or her random sales pitch.

It is like…get out of my face…and now you are blocked.

Jon had this happen to him earlier this week and spoke about it on TELive as an example of how not to use social media to win people over

The basic thrust of what the guy said to Jon on Facebook was:

“Hey I am not entirely sure what it is you do and I have no intention of actually finding out but I want to sell you stuff to help you do it better.”

Good luck with that pitch!

If you want to use social media to make sales then at least try to get it right.

Never, ever, go in for the sale right away, because this approach will not win you any friends.

Instead use social media as part of your overall strategy of building relationships because it is the relationships you develop with people which will allow you to make sales at a later date.

I think most people reading this blog post will understand this concept…now your task is to go out and help others understand it too.

3 responses to “One Social Media Mistake You Will Never Want To Make”

  1. James Ong says:

    Yeah, nobody would readily accept a stranger’s promotion.

  2. Marcus Wahl says:

    If I get an add on skype that starts off real sales pitchy I just get rid of the contact. Twitter and facebook pitches suck. Just use a simple strategy with skype and social media, put the person first and you won’t go wrong.

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