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All Kore4 Strays Are Likely To Win For Second Week Running

All Kore4 Strays Are Likely To Win For Second Week Running

At this rate The Strays may need to change their name. Given that they are likely to be top of the Premier League for two weeks in a row they might want to call themselves…The Stays.

Right now this is how things stand…

The Strays Top CTP Teams Premier League

The Strays are currently leading SurfAholics Alpha by 265m to 129m points but I think the Alphas will not be too disappointed to claim second spot for two weeks in a row.

After all it was Alphas leader Matt Badura who provided the nudge to encourage the cats to become all Kore4 and going all Kore4 means the strays only extended their lead.

Lucky 13, in third place, have not been as active as perhaps they might have been but their leader Tom Wacker has been biking around America this past week.

However next week is a different story and it will be interesting to see what tactics are employed for a new week. It also looks like that two of the teams which swapped leagues last week will do the same again this week.

My team, SurfAholics Bravo, should be back in the Premiership next week. The question is will we last more than just one week this time round? IK sure hope so. All this swapping between leagues is making me dizzy.

OK well Brazil are playing Chile in the World Cup 2014 final 16 so I had better go and watch that.

Talk to you all next week. Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.

40 responses to “All Kore4 Strays Are Likely To Win For Second Week Running”

  1. Wendy says:

    Looking forward to the new month and new week to start!

  2. Stephen Whittle says:

    Fantastic week ahead! Go Lucky 13!

  3. go go all 😉 have a great weekend !!

  4. charlotte ericson says:

    Another interesting week is ahead. We’ll see who takes the lead then. Go Lucky 13!

  5. Georgia Stewart says:

    Good luck everyone. I am looking forward to a great week ahead… But we need to have a party tomorrow 😉

  6. Jon says:

    Man, Chile were unlucky 🙁

  7. Nice how things change so quickly, keeps the interest and excitement for the teams up and up…

  8. Raj G says:

    All CTP Teams are doing well…

    But Brazil did not live up to expectations…

    Let’s wait and watch how things turn up!

    ~ Raj

  9. Boris says:

    We shall see about the “stays” next week. 😀

  10. Good luck to all the teams next week

  11. It will soon be a new week. Good Luck to all team.

  12. Mary Golon says:

    I hope all will prosper. That’s what we’re here for.

  13. June has certainly been an interesting month.

    Looking forward to what a new month will bring to all.

  14. Karen Kuty says:

    Good luck to all of the teams next week!

  15. Glenn Witmer says:

    Way to go all the teams

  16. There is nothing stray about the strays, they are a rag tag bunch of Top Cats

  17. The Strays should change their name to All Kore 4. All the teams here at CTP are fantastic! Great job to EVERYONE! I’m really impressed!

  18. Patricia Dean says:

    What will the first wk of July bring? Those of you who Did Not attend Marians spreecast on Sat, missed a lot of goals well accomplished & loads of prizes that were given out. There will be another, some time. Plan on coming for free upgrades, 1,000 credits in many TE’s and much more + the awesome feeling of a job well done, of your own choosing in your house, apt, business, etc. I think we are all wiped out. I sure am, went to bed quite early, woke up got a bit of surfing done, back to bed.

  19. Ken Wolff says:

    OK Stays! You proved your point…Keep on keeping on or hmmmmm….Let’s say you followed the example of “founders” and broke up your dynamic team. Knowing what you know about strategies for success the best of the best in your bunch joined the teams near the bottom of the ladder. Do you think you could make a dynamic difference? I bet that would be exciting. 😉

  20. Maybe we could offer bribes to get people to switch team!

  21. steven schofield says:

    Sounds interesting Ken what u talked about we will have to wait and see if that can be done.

  22. Anton Parvov says:

    Good luck to all teams!

  23. Lynn M says:

    Congrats Strays and nice post, Patrick. Of course the monthly prize stats tell quite another story… 😉

    Best of luck to all in July! 🙂

  24. Mandy Moomy says:

    Well done Strays – but we’re still here!! Go TeamBonz 🙂

  25. Hopefully the top teams dont get a quick 40 million lead this week again… We are Passing The Leaders… But they are making it tough…


    Glad to be here

    Jim and Kristi Hall

  26. Any thoughts of an XP debuff? Maybe a percentage off to make it more challenging to keep first… If your team is in first place you get a 10% penalty the next week… each week you are in first that penalty gets stiffer… not impossible to keep 1st just harder…

  27. Anne Bergman says:

    Good luck to all of the teams next week !!!

  28. Sig says:

    Good Luck at the Top… Its nice to see you up there. And just wonder what next week will bring…

    Anyway Congrats I can allready say I guess…

    Best wishes to all next weeks Contest!

  29. Patricia Hedge says:

    Congrats on you teams efforts!

  30. Gary Calvert II says:

    One more comment of congrats to the Strays. I agree, a lot of teams are doing very well here, should be interesting next week and all of the month of July. 🙂

  31. Donna says:

    congrats all teams and good luck for next week 🙂

  32. Myra P says:

    Congrats on becoming the first all Kore4 Team (25/25).

  33. Congrats on your win, but next week will be a different story.

  34. Elaine Groff Wolff says:

    I guess this will be your last day for a Kore4 upgrade to make a difference if the team stays intact. Of course those original strays may decide to stray again as Ken says.. What could happen if they have taught their litter mates how to do it and then… there will be two teams fighting for the top fence where they can yowl all night.

  35. It was close for the top 2 that is for sure. The night is still young… somewhere.

  36. Well the excitement grows….it’s awesome to see so much competition…and friendly….sort of….


  37. Virginia says:

    Now to just hold on to it for this week.

  38. Absolutely wonderful.

  39. Marye says:

    Good luck to all teams…new month – new strategies… 🙂

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