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Up To 12 Million CTP XP & $100 In Cash…

Up To 12 Million CTP XP & $100 In Cash…

OK so I clearly owe Jon Olson an apology.

I have been writing long enough now to come up with my own headlines but today I have just shamelessly copied one of Jon’s.

I will even show you what I mean. This is part of an email from I Love Hits which Jon sent out earlier today…

ILH email screenshot

You won’t have to look too closely to find that Jon’s subject line and the headline for this blog post are exactly the same.

I literally did just copy and past it. Plagiarism is alive and well at my desk today.

My thinking was this…it is such a good headline/subject line that it was just asking to be used again.

Assuming you have read Jon’s blog post then you will know that Atomic Mailer from Mark Fox has launched today and we are getting behind it in a big way.

Join under us and we will send 2 million CTP XP you way.

If you decide to take any of Mark’s upgrades then another 10 million CTP XP will have your name written all over it.

So what is Atomic Mailer. Well it is a brand new hybrid paid mailer where you get 100% of the commissions earned from everyone you refer. Don’t wait, the price is only 50 cents to join right now but after 1000 members, it rises…. (I stole that entire paragraph from Jon’s email too…but let’s just keep that between ourselves.)

“And what about the $100 in the headline, don’t forget that bit.?”

That’s easy. We will pick someone who joins our downline at random and credit them with $100 as a special TimTech thank you.

What with giveaway XP, the Plus 1 Monday Podcast, Atomic Mailer launching and the chance to win $100, this week has got off to a flying start already.

4 responses to “Up To 12 Million CTP XP & $100 In Cash…”

  1. Wendy says:

    I joined under tim tech and was told free members don’t get xp but as you said in this post all you have to do is join and you get 2 million xp and if you upgrade you get 10 million more.

  2. Wendy says:

    I don’t understand why I got no xp for joining and when I upgraded I only got 2 million and yes I have sent a support ticket,

  3. James Ong says:

    Very attractive offer!

  4. Raj G says:

    OMG! unbelievable offer!

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