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God Took Randy To Be His Wingman

God Took Randy To Be His Wingman

Randy Ritter

Tributes have poured in for Randy Ritter, one of the true gentlemen of the TE industry, after he lost his battle with cancer.

He passed away at his home yesterday morning surrounded by his close family members and his death is a huge loss for the traffic exchange community.

Randy was diagnosed with cancer from a biopsy taken from lumps on his neck but medical staff were initially unable to determine exactly where it had originated.

He was treated with chemotherapy but the cancer was particularly aggressive and the decision was taken to allow him to be looked after at home by a hospice team and his family.

Right up to the end Randy was thinking of others, downplaying the seriousness of his illness and asking others how they were doing.

He was active on Skype, talking to his friends in the community, and on social media he was promoting the programs he believed in and supporting the people with whom he had built up such strong bonds.

Announcing the sad news yestterday, his family said in a statement: “After struggling with a very aggressive cancer the past few months, Dad finally found peace this morning.

“He passed a little after 8am and my Gram and I were there to say goodbye. We are already overwhelmed by an outpouring of love from family and friends near and far.

“We are also incredibly grateful for the amazing care we received from the Gentiva hospice team, especially our angel of a nurse, Amy Porter.”

The go fund me page which had been set up to raise money for Randy’s medical expenses will be taken down soon but a memorial fund will be set up through the funeral home to help with final expenses.

Randy was best known as the owner of Top Flight Traffic and for his inspirational Avenues to Success live webinars where he gave personal development tips and advice.

Yesterday Jon Olson described Avenues to Success as the seminars of the traffic exchange industry which everyone wanted to go to and he is spot on about that.

Randy’s mix of genuinely wanting to help people together with the passion and emotion he poured into every show made Avenues to Success a ‘must attend’ event.

They were certainly emotional events. Sometimes Randy would tell such personal stories about his own personal battles in life with addictions that he would have to fight through the tears as he spoke.

I know many people shed a tear or two right along with him…I know I certainly did and I am not ashamed to admit it.

I remember many late night Skype sessions when I would play virtual golf with Randy, Justin and Bill. Randy put as much energy and passion into his online golf games as he did into everything else he did in life.

We shared a passion for aviation – Randy loved the P51 Mustang aircraft in particular – and was always happy to share videos with me which he had found online.

Randy Ritter with some of  his family members


Jon Olson hosted a special edition of TELive in Randy’s honor yesterday where many members of the community expressed their sadness at his passing and their joy at having known him.

Jon said of Randy: “RIP Randy Ritter One of the good guys in the traffic exchange industry who was the first attendee to ever come and support Traffic Exchange Live so many years ago.

“His Avenues To Success weekly show was the highlight for many week in and week out within the community. He will be missed by so many.”

Marian Gurowicz credited Randy with being the inspiration for her popular Living Wealthy show. She said: “Randy was a big inspiration for me. When I started online, it was with the intent of doing self-development, but I got lost in everything else when I tried to learn about online advertising.

“Randy invited me to be a guest on Avenues to Success and that was the start of the Living Wealthy Show.”

Many tributes also poured in on Facebook and other social media sites.

Ernie Pinard said: “My Heart hurts, Randy was a dear friend and Inspiration to many. My thought’s and prayers go out to all the family and friends that are affected by the loss of this dear dear man.”

William Miller from SurfSkeleton wrote: “RIP Randy, you were a great friend and a fantastic member of the traffic exchange community. Your presence and contributions will truly be missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.”

Randy’s friend David Martin, who was a regular guest on Avenues to Success, wrote: “…although his battle with cancer was ultimately lost, he fought it on his terms, in his way….I will miss you my friend, our talks about business, personal development, music and most of all when we would ramble on about nothing just “shootin the breeze…”

Scott Rohn said: “Rip Randy, just being able to say we were friends meant a lot to me.

“You were an inspiration to me. Your show Avenues to Success was something I looked forward to every week.

“Now as much as everyone is hurting, we know you are in a better place, and there is no pain for you to deal with anymore. Maybe you can do Avenues to Success for everyone in Heaven. Goodbye my friend, You will be greatly missed, but never forgotten.”

Brenda Broyles said: “Randy now has angels as his wingmen and he is able to fly those airplanes he so loved.

“Randy was the first TE owner that took notice of me when I was new and he even made a phone call to me one night after I had reported a bad site at TFT.

“Scared me to death but he only wanted the thank me for letting him know of the site. He will always be remembered and will always be looking over the TE community. My prayers to the family and we will meet again one day Randy.”

Randy truly left his mark in the traffic exchange industry and was an inspiration to us all. He was never afraid to speak his mind, to be himself and always put others first. He will be sadly missed.

14 responses to “God Took Randy To Be His Wingman”

  1. Sad and liberating day at the same time. My grandma fought this terrible disease for seven long years until she finally found peace. Rest in peace Randy Ritter, you’re in a better place now!

  2. In search of more information about Randy’s Avenues of Success seminar yesterday, I was perusing through the emails he sent out to Top Flight Traffic members. Those emails always included a “Thought of the Day”. Most of the time it was an inspirational quote from prominent figures such as Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and even his good friend David Martin. But I found a quote that he attributed to himself, so I find it fitting that Randy have the last word to the TE community that he loved and supported so much. Godspeed Randy…

    “Close your eyes and visualize the future you most desire.
    How much does it look like your current life?
    What can you do right now to bring these dreams to life?
    It is within your reach.
    Start to make it happen — you can do it!”

    ~Randy Ritter~

  3. Thank you Patrick for creating this post. Ellyn your quote perfectly captures what Randy was about. And last night Brian Cullen’s tribute was very powerful.

    I won’t miss Randy because he will always be here as part of the spirit of this community.


  4. Sig says:

    A fantastic way to tell us all about Randy.

    My latest chat with him was Friday, when he sent me his birthday greetings.

    God Bless him and his family.

    And thx again for sharing the great words in here.

  5. Patrick this is a beautiful tribute to a man that will be sorely missed in our community.

    Ellyn you found more than a gold nugget, that’s a whole gold bar. I can almost hear him saying it.

    Randy it’s clear skies ahead for you now. I salute you my friend. Until we meet again.

  6. Walter Mulder says:

    A very sad day! Randy will be missed.
    For always in our hearts, a great and wonderful guy. RIP Randy.
    Thoughts and prayers for family and friends.

  7. Ole Rasmussen says:

    RIP, Randy, you gave me much !! You will forever be remembered. From day 1 of TFT you showed passion and great friendship towards your members Thank You

  8. Mona says:

    I had tears in my eyes as I read this Patrick. It is so beautifully written for a man so dear to so many people. I only met him a short while back and I felt just in that short time of knowing him what a great man and what a great influence he had in this industry. Many of you knew him longer then I and I can tell just by reading and listening in yesterday in TE LIVE how many lives and hearts he truly touched. I know that feeling of losing a loved one from the debilitating disease of cancer and I know how hard it must of been for him and his family to see him struggle to beat it.

    I know it was hard for me watching my father lose the fight from the same disease not too long ago. Brenda Boyles said it so elegantly and I loved her words – He is the Wingman now and flying on that plane. The plane of Everlasting Peace, free from pain and suffering. Rest in Peace Randy. My heart goes out to his family and his many, many friends.

    Great tribute post Patrick. God Bless.

  9. Randy was a true inspiration to me in his passion for Personal Development and his knowledge of airplanes. We shared in our recovery programs and I learned a lot from him in the short time I knew him. To me he will always be one of the giants that walked this earth.

    RIP my friend and know that you are loved.

    Prayers to Randy’s family. God bless you all.

  10. Randy will be missed. Always so helpful and an outstanding Wingco. You will be missed my friend, Fly Free in Paradise.

  11. I am with Mona. My husband is asking why I am crying. He doesn’t understand the relationship TE people have. OH WELL. Patrick U did an awesome epitaph to Randy highlighting the present and evolution of Randy Ritter. I remember the growth of Top Flight Traffic and esp Randy’s compassion to any member who asked for help. I will miss him, yet I know we will meet in Heaven.

  12. Bill Darton says:

    Although I did not have a close relationship with Randy, I have been a long-time, life-time member of Top Flight Traffic and always thought it was one of the better exchanges. I always enjoyed seeing if my plane would come in first place.

    Randy was a true asset to the Traffic Exchange and Internet Marketing communities. He was greatly appreciated and will definitely be missed.

    My heart goes out to his family, friends and associates.

  13. Randy will be missed by many

  14. James Ong says:

    We will miss you, Randy.

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