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Now You Can Gain CTP XP For Taking An Exercise Break

Now You Can Gain CTP XP For Taking An Exercise Break

Winter Perkins Stop Drop and Thrive splash page

Working from home is good but there can be one potential problem for those of us who do it.

Sitting in front of the computer all day is not exactly healthy if you don’t take a break from time to time and do some exercise.

You could go swimming, walking, visit the gym, play sports or just take a quick break and do some crunches in the privacy of your own home.

Now can you guess which one of the above options comes with XP?

It is the last one actually thanks to Lucky 13 Too leader Winter Perkins who seems to be on a bit of a mission to get everyone fit.

You are not going to get millions of XP for doing this but you will get some. And also Winter has no way of knowing if you really did your exercise so no cheating. Seriously don’t cheat on this one.

Firstly it is not a cool thing to do and secondly just by doing a little bit of regular exercise could have many long term benefits for your health.

So do your crunches, watch Winter’s video to find out how to claim your XP and sign up to her list to find out what other cool things that she has which might also benefit you right now.

11 responses to “Now You Can Gain CTP XP For Taking An Exercise Break”

  1. Oh my goodness!!! Thank you for the feature WOW πŸ˜€ :-O

    I AM on a bit of a mission because I know this industry, I know what most of us do all day every day, and it really takes a toll on your body after a while.

    Our backs hurt, we have Carpal Tunnel in our wrists, we slouch, eat junk, have eyes that burn by the end of the day, headaches… you name it. We suffer all those because we work so hard on here!

    I want to encourage everyone to move around, even the smallest amount every day. I’m loving reading The Compound Effect in our +1 Book Club right now because that’s what this is all about! Just a small effort, every day, over time gives you results you can see.

    I’m so excited when I get up and see a bunch of tweets for #ThrivingWithWinter. Like CRAZY excited lol I’m having such a blast, everyone is so inspiring, and I can’t wait to see where we are a year from now with this.

    Thank you again so much for the shout out! πŸ˜€

    Oh… and yes, no cheating. I will know you’re lying! I have that app on my phone. Kidding, but no lying… that would be a disservice to your body. Do those crunches! πŸ™‚

  2. Howard Fullmer says:

    Great Job way to go Winter πŸ™‚

  3. Evelyn Kramer says:

    I wish that XP worked so well in real life. But Winter, even if you just impact 10% of the people active in CTP; it would be more than worth while.
    I am definitely going to exercise more. I am behind you all the way.
    Go get em Winter!

  4. Marye says:

    Awesome feature! WTG Winter

  5. James Ong says:

    Good job, Winter.

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