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How to Plus One, Make Money And Get People Talking About You

How to Plus One, Make Money And Get People Talking About You

You may have noticed that people tend to like talking about other people.

Stuff like “You will never guess what “x” or “y” has done?” are common topics of conversation the world over.

Well it could be your turn to get yourself talked about…but you will need to act fast.

Actually this is an opportunity to cash in on two related events…your ability to seize an unexpected opportunity and the willingness of others to have exactly the same chance and let it pass.

Now normally when you see the words ‘make money,’ ‘act fast,’ and ‘opportiunity’ in the same sentence it should at least make you a little wary.

But this is different.

Let’s just say it is an unexpected bonus at the end of Customer Appreciation Week which could really benefit you.

So here goes…

The July contest for Plus 1 Success is nearly over and you might think that if you have not entered it by now then you have missed the boat.

But I have just looked at the leaderboard and this is far from true.

Take a look for yourselves…

Plus 1 Success leaderboard

This means that if you promote Plus 1 Success from now until the end of the contest and make three sales…then (as of now) you are in the prize winning zone.

So if you have not entered the contest and had thought it was too late, then now is a great time to sneak in and steal a prize.

You might even win. Now that really would set tongues wagging.

8 responses to “How to Plus One, Make Money And Get People Talking About You”

  1. Howard Fullmer says:

    good job to those that are in this list.

  2. Ken Wolff says:

    Get just 2 who see the value and take advantage of it and you are in the running for the cash plus rewards. Go for it and if you click on my website you will see that I am here to help you do it. I promote downline builders to infinity. We work as a team to help people do what they need to do + 1 every day and sometimes more.

  3. There are a number of things I have a passion for, and Stats is one of them,
    Gotta love those figures

  4. Tim Hanson says:

    Be the ambassador, stay consiistent in your promotion eventually they will hear the message and start realizing the power of +1

  5. Glenn Witmer says:

    Plus 1 a day, keeps the bill collector away

  6. James Ong says:

    Looks like still have some chances at the contest for those who are interested.

  7. Plus 1 us an excellent way of adding positive new habits to your schedule, 1 day for 30 days.

  8. Marye says:

    Plus 1 looks very promising

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