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Its Good To Feel Appreciated And Plus One Every Day

Its Good To Feel Appreciated And Plus One Every Day

Our customer appreciation week is still going strong.

The aim of the week is not just to say that we appreciate you but also to show that we appreciate you.

One of the best ways of showing that we appreciate you is by allowing you to save money so we came up with the idea of the daily deals.

Today’s deal can be found right here. Today there is a 75% discount on CTP tokens where you can pick up 100 CTP tokens for just ten bucks.

As an added thank you, don’t forget that there are three times the TimTech Reward Points on every single deal and when those Reward points build up then you can get some really cool stuff indeed.

In other news Jon may be on holiday this week but that does not mean you can forget about the Plus One business model.

How are you all doing with the Plus 1 Success? Remember the July cash prize referral contest is in full swing and there is still a lot of time to dominate and claim one of the three cash prizes which are up for grabs.

Plus 1 Success leaderboard

Right now Eric Goettman is in the lead with six sales so it is not exactly a runaway lead. Anyone could still win this contest so why not let it be you?

In CTP Teams news there are two things to report. You may have noticed that the GPowerSurf Division is down to four teams now.

GPower Surf Division now has four teams

This is not a glitch in the matrix. One of the teams had to be removed so this division is down to four teams now.

We rarely interfere with the running of CTP Teams but every now and again action has to be taken and this was one of those times.

Finally in the Site Xplosion Division, Val has had to step down as leader of Hunters for the time being and has been replaced by Douglas Roehrig so good luck to both of them.

PS. Janelle told me to remind you that we also have specials running at both The Banner Monkey & Doctor Traffic for 75% off ANY purchase.

These deals are on for the entire Customer Appreciation Week – right through until July 21 so consider yourselves reminded.


6 responses to “Its Good To Feel Appreciated And Plus One Every Day”

  1. Howard Fullmer says:

    I appreciate my team. Go Ubers TOOT.

  2. Lots of great incentives and lots of great fun, TT stands out again with their Customer creations

  3. Glenn Witmer says:

    The deals just get better and better…Go Ubers

  4. Mona says:

    I appreciate the great deals especially the 10.00 for 100 tokens. That is wonderful. Thank you Tim Tech. Plus 1 that is right!!!

  5. James Ong says:

    Token discount was great!

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