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Last Gasp or How We Finish Customer Appreciation Week

Last Gasp or How We Finish Customer Appreciation Week

Wow that was a quick week. The very last deal of the week is up right now. I just can’t believe how quick this went. I mean it will be good to have Jon back and all, but this has been some serious fun.

I also can not believe how few customers that I have gotten mentioned. Our customers are legion and I just spotlighted a few. And we appreciate every one.

Evelyn Kramer is quite new to our little enclave, but she has certainly made a splash. She has become involved in at least 4 TEs in the last year alone. Some as partner, some as sole owner. She is incredibly social, helps hundreds of people and always seems to be in chat someplace.

The mystery lady behind the dark sunglasses lives in Southern California is indeed a mystery.

Russell Stockley is owner of several TEs, and more than a few innovative sites around the innerwebs. He is not afraid to try new stuff and is the sponsor of THE most active division in all of CTP Teams, The Cuppa Time Crew. He really puts himself out there to help new people and veterans.

Everybody knows Russell is an Aussie. Did you know he spent several years living in the bush? Entirely away from civilization? Did you know he’s a motorcycle guy, in fact has owned at least one Ducati? Do you know his pet chicken’s name?

Jerry Ianucci is Mister Safelist. He not only owns that mailer, he is the acknowledged king of the mailer world. He writes a monthly blog post about which mailers perform the best for him, and it is the closest thing you will find to a rating list for mailers.

I am personally very lucky that Jerry is my upline sponsor in CTP. His email series is worth it’s weight in gold to a newcomer. It is available on his website for anyone that is interested.

So there it is. We have highlighted a few of our wonderful customers. I really do hope you have had as much fun this week as we have. You do have time to pick up that very last deal of the week….

5 responses to “Last Gasp or How We Finish Customer Appreciation Week”

  1. Keith says:

    This week has been great – especially finding out a little about the faces we see every day.


  2. Howard Fullmer says:

    This Blog makes me think about coffee 🙂

  3. Yay – Coffee
    and if you want to know my Chickens Names then skype me rdstockley

  4. James Ong says:

    Wtg, Evelyn, Russell and Jerry!

  5. Marye says:

    LOL Howard – this was an awesome advertising christmas in July for me! Can’t wait to see what you do AT christmas !!

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