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Customer Appreciation Goes On!

Customer Appreciation Goes On!

We are well past halfway in our Customer Appreciation Week fun.  I wonder if Jon will have any regrets about leaving us in ‘green light’ mode.  “Use your best judgement” he said.  Here we are with TRIPLE reward points and a new, smoking hot deal every day.

We LOVE our customers.  We have been highlighting a few of them all during Customer Appreciation WEEK.

Shane Bost is another multiple TE owner.  SiteXplosion, Traffic Dodgems and TrafficAtTheRaces. Consistently high quality traffic and a great surfing experience is another good business model for anyone to follow!

Shane used to live in Phoenix, Az., which made him a sort of neighbor.  Did you know he is a motorcycle guy?  Yep, he is a dirt bike racer and a road rider.  He also has a retail MC clothing site.  I just wish he’d bring back the duck.

Most of you know Sigurd Skeie as the likable Viking, and everybody knows that he has booked his SeaLifeHits Daily Challenge through the entire year.  If it’s Wednesday, it’s SeaLifeHits.  Heck, if it’s Thursday, it’s SeaLifeHits.  He has a whole slew of badges, some of which are very exotic and collectable.

What you may not know about Sig is that he is a very good photographer and has a blog that is about his corner of Norway complete with his photos.  It really is very good, just ask Sig where it is and be prepared to be amazed!  And he drives an A7 Audi.  I am jealous:)

Anton Baikov is a ‘new lion’ having just opened Clicky Hits.  He is very new to TE ownership, but so far he seems to be doing everything right.  I predict that Anton will be a well known factor in our community before a year has passed.

Life is good while the boss is away.  Even in TimTech:)  It’s a shame to think that this has to end soon.


4 responses to “Customer Appreciation Goes On!”

  1. Howard Fullmer says:

    Way to go all mentioned especially the Likeable Viking TOOT.

  2. Sigs Photography is well worth looking at

  3. James Ong says:

    Wtg, Shane, Sig and Anton!

  4. Sig says:

    Its an Honor, and well I have got VERY good Customer support and experience with the Timtech company. And I am happy with it…

    For me it has been only positive, and allso fun..did you folks know that they even got Humor 🙂

    And Tom, I know about some Bikes ya love too 🙂 ..but Stop sneak in and take my money badges… ROFL 😉

    To all the rest of you out there Te-Owners, CTP users and who ever read this..

    Keep on Rockin’ and Follow your Dreams. It can be hard work, I know, but still it pays of if YOU not Givin’ up!


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