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Three Cash Prizes Up For Grabs In The Plus1 Contest Anyone Can Win

Three Cash Prizes Up For Grabs In The Plus1 Contest Anyone Can Win

Jon Olson's Plus One Success
It is another Monday and not only is it Week 15 in the current season of CTP Teams but it is the week that YOU could crush it in the Plus1 Success referral contest.

The contest is already underway and will run for two weeks with $300 of prizes up for grabs:

– $175 for the winner

– $75 for the runner up and

– $50 for third place.

All you have do is refer members to +1 Success contest and for every member you refer, you will get a point when they rebrand their copy of the ebook.

At the end of the contest then the three people with the most points will share the $300 prize pot.

This is something which any one of you could win and should be a huge incentive for you to build your downline in this great new product from TimTech – the first new program in two years.

Just log into +1 Success today and click on ‘July Contest‘ for all the details and to see the current leaderboard.

At the time of writing this post the top ten leaderboard looks like this:

Plus 1 Success Referral Contest Leaderboard

The contest runs from Saturday the 11th of July to midnight Eastern July 26th so there is still plenty of time to get started and even to win one of the cash prizes up for grabs.

Why not make getting onto this leaderboard one of your challenges for the week ahead?

5 responses to “Three Cash Prizes Up For Grabs In The Plus1 Contest Anyone Can Win”

  1. Howard Fullmer says:

    Good luck everyone. I hope to see my name on that list soon

  2. Sig says:

    A competition like this aint bad.

    Make it one of your +1 everyday and enjoy it!!

  3. Evelyn Kramer says:

    Howard, I like your positive attitude. I have many sign ups but few buyers. I can only hope that it will just take a bit of time for people to really digest the information for what it really is.

    I’m sure I wont win this contest. But I know eventually all will come to see the great value and opportunity in Jon Olson’s awesome sauce program. That will make us all winners.

  4. James Ong says:

    All the best to all the contestants.

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