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Plus 1 Success Is Live But We Are Not Promoting It…Yet

Plus 1 Success Is Live But We Are Not Promoting It…Yet

Jon Olson's Plus One Success

The wait is finally over.

For as long as TimTech has been around, Jon Olson has been talking about the concept of plus one.

The idea behind it is to keep moving forward, to keep making progress one step at a time.

Slow and steady is another way of saying it, and I am sure that regular attendees to TELive are more than familiar with that.

Now the whole Plus One concept has really come alive with a brand new one program from TimTech.

Jon Olson Presents…+1 Success is the first new TimTech product in two years.

So now that it is live you would think that we would be promoting it everywhere we could think of…but we are not.

The official launch is happening right now at a special edition of TELive called  Once Every 2 Years.

But for now there is no other promotion going on from Jon or TimTech.

The reason is that we want YOU to clean up on the ‘easy’ referrals so we are letting you join and promote this product first.

However we can’t hold off forever (obviously) so take advantage of this headstart right now…it could just be a matter of hours.

So what is +1 Success?

Well it is a +1 Success is your 30 day game plan to turn average into remarkable by following easy to do action steps that put you on the track to success each and every day.

So we show you how to take small action steps every day to build your business…and we know what we are talking about because that is how TimTech grew and is how TimTech is still growing.

Justin's Gems in Plus One Success

There are free and upgraded versions of the program and the upgrades have been kept as low as we possibly could because we want as many people as possible to get the full advantage of this amazing new program.

One big tip for you all though…there is a one time offer when you join which includes words of wisdom from Justin Ledvina in a series of audio files.

These exclusive gems are not available anywhere else and they are also not available in the members area. You either get them in the login offer (for a small one time fee) or you can pass.

However I have heard Justin’s Gems and they are well worth the upgrade.

There is also a book club option…but more on that tomorrow.


5 responses to “Plus 1 Success Is Live But We Are Not Promoting It…Yet”

  1. Shane Bost says:

    I made the mistake of passing up the One-Time-Offer but gladly paid full price from the members area once I saw the value. I should have know the TimTech team was going to over deliver!

  2. This product really knocks it out of the ball park .

  3. Mona says:

    Congrats on your first day of Plus One Success launch. The best of success to the Tim Tech team and to everyone. From what I have read it is an excellent program. Best of wishes to Plus 1 and ALL.

  4. James Ong says:

    Good job, TimTech. It seems to be well-received.

  5. Raj G says:

    Nice guidance programme

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