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Has It Really Been Two Years?

Has It Really Been Two Years?

Two whole years since TimTech released something new…wow we had better do something about that.

In fact today is the day that all changes.

Our first totally new product in two years will be released in just a few hours from now.

I can’t say what it is yet but it is not a new traffic exchange.

What I can say is that it has huge potential for this awesome community and I think that you are really going to like it.

I know that waiting two years between products is a little unusual in this industry, especially where the ‘launch and repeat’ mentality is still so strong among many.

But for those who know us, you will know that is not our way of doing things.

We launch ‘evergreen’ products that are designed to stand the test of time.

To say that we are all super-excited about this one is something of an under statement.

All will be revealed in just a few hours…


3 responses to “Has It Really Been Two Years?”

  1. Glenn Witmer says:

    It was worth the wait

  2. James Ong says:

    It’s better to come up with one good program, rather than many less useful program.

  3. Raj G says:

    Good to know…

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