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TELive Special – Learn With Nick Earn With Nick

TELive Special – Learn With Nick Earn With Nick

Nick Grimshawe ON TELive

It is thirsty work appearing on TELive…just ask Nick Grimshawe.

The first non-TE owner guest on Jon’s Tuesday interview slot, he spoke about the training he has offered in CTP.

Essentially it is a training program for a training program and his program – Learn with Nick – has really helped a lot of people understand what CTP is all about and made him a leader within the industry.

He said that he wanted to help other people to use CTP after using it himself and finding that it was an ideal way to get into the online working from home industry.

One of his ‘secrets’ to getting the best out of CTP was ‘never to give up on your referrals’ and to constantly work on building relationships with members of your downline.

He said the biggest stumbling block for people coming online for the first time was coping with the ‘information overload’ which was both overwhelming and confusing.

Nick said the ‘drip feed’ method of allowing people to learn in stages was important to helping people get the basics right and building a strong foundation for their online business.

He said: “It is really important for people to understand what they are doing and to understand what the sites they join actually do.

“People must understand what a traffic exchange or a mailer does first before they can take the next steps and CTP is very good at allowing them to do that without getting overwhelmed.”

If you missed Tuesday’s TELive you can catch up here: Learn With Nick Earn With Nick

7 responses to “TELive Special – Learn With Nick Earn With Nick”

  1. Mona says:

    I was not able to be there at 4 pm yesterday but watched it later on in the evening. I really liked this interview and I love Nicks’ attitude and his beautiful personality. He is most helpful and his Learn With Nick is an asset to this industry. I recommend all newbies to sign up for his site. Great job Nick. Great interview Jon.

  2. Adrian says:

    It was a wonderful interview indeed! And so relaxing to listen to Nick talk for a WHOLE hour after an exhausting day. He’s also a great team leader (former CTP Masters team members should know that!) and the one giving me the first gentile nudge toward branding, although I’m still a relatively private person.

    TELive as a whole is awesome, and so is Jon Olson for doing it on a DAILY BASIS!

    Wish I wouldn’t be so darn tired at that late hour (for me), because live show always beats the recordings.

    I’ve never missed any of the interviews though! Mountains of experience combined… I sipped every single word. 🙂

  3. Watched the recording again, and it was a great interview, good to hear Nicks perspective on things, and there were some great gems that I totally agree with, 🙂
    well done to both of you

  4. Glenn Witmer says:

    You can’t go wrong with Nick

  5. James Ong says:

    Yeah, if your downlines are successful, you will be successful. Never underestimate how your downline can perform.

  6. Raj G says:

    Nick is a great trainer and motivator.

  7. Sig says:

    It was nice to take the time and re-watch this one.


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