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Let The Trash Talk Begin…

Let The Trash Talk Begin…

So the demise of the OutKasts means that there has been some changes in CTP Teams.

While the team may have gone away, many former OutKasts have been looking for new homes.

Making an OutKasts 2, OutKasts Too, OutKasts B or OutKasts Bee team was clearly never an option. I mean imagine being the B Team for the worst team in CTP Teams… as a concept it actually defies logic so we didn’t go there.

InToWin team logoSo where did we go?

Janelle, or Jangle if you prefer, moved over to InToWin in the Pharaohs Army Division.

The team has 23 of its potential 25 membership positions filled and is currently in last place on the Seasonal Standings with 16 points.

With Renegades leading with the maximum of 55 points, they will be a very hard team to displace from the top spot.

Tom Wacker found a new home in Lucky 13 Too in the SiteXplosion Division so not too much of a surprise there.Lucky 13 Too team logo

Some say that Tom has Lucky 13 in his blood or in his DNA and this may very well be right. He will certainly feel more at home there than as an OutKast…that is for sure.

The team currently has 15 of a potential 25 members and is fourth place in the seasonal standings with 24 points.

Hunters lead this division with 55 points – they are one of only three teams not to have dropped a point all season. That is to say that so far this season they have finished every week in first place. (SurfAholics Alpha in the Legacy Hits Division are the third team to have the maximum points for Season Three.)

Ultimate Surf Warriors team logoBrenda has switched to Ultimate Surf Warriors in the Ragin’ Redneck Division.

This is a strong team, with 23 of its 25 places filled, and currently sitting number two in the seasonal rankings for its division.

Ultimate Surf Warriors, with 42 points, is just 12 points behind divisional leaders Living Wealthy so the question is whether Brenda will use her cane to whip her team mates into shape to challenge for the top spot. Time will tell I guess.

Jon finds himself as a member of WealthBuilders 2.0 which means there are two former OutKasts now in the SiteXplosion Division.

WealthBuilders 2.0 team logoThis team has 24 of its 25 member base filled and is in second place in the division – although there is a big gap of 20 points between them and first placed Hunters.

Could it be that the Hunters are about to become the hunted? Val and his team mates need to watch out for this new challenge – it looks like very interesting times are ahead.

And if you have been following TELive since all these changes have been announced then you will see that the trash talking has already begun…and is likely to continue for some time.

Finally just a note about fair play. Clearly, if they wanted to, any former member of the OutKasts could, in theory, be able to award their teams unlimited XP to secure a win.

There would be no fun in that at all and we all agree that doing that would be worse than remaining as an OutKast…so the XP earning options that these new members bring to the table are exactly the same as the XP earning options of any other CTP Teams member.

So have fun everybody and let the trash talk begin…

23 responses to “Let The Trash Talk Begin…”

  1. Lynn M says:

    Well of COURSE Tom went to Lucky 13 Too and has Lucky 13 in his DNA …. he is, after all, the creator, founder, and father of the almighty Lucky 13, so it’s obvious what the results of a CTP Teams Paternity Test would be in Mr. Wacker’s case.

    In addition, we have the prettier half of the Pizors back on Lucky 13 turf on the Lucky 13 Too team.

    It’s worth mentioning that Tom and Rhonda were frequently two of the top scorers week after week on Lucky 13 main’s team during Season 1. Those are two folks who KNOW how to hunt XP.

    I daresay the more Mr. Olson runs his mouth and trash talks Lucky 13 Too the more Tom and Rhonda – and Winter!! (yes the Too team has Winter Perkins too! woohoo!) – are collectively gonna want to smack him and his new team down. I kinda feel sorry for the WB 2.0 now. 😀 😀 😀

  2. Oh sure, we dropped 1 point early in the season. Learned from the “What happens if —–Moment and moved on.

    Trash talk? Nah. . . We’ll just stick to quiet world domination. 😉

  3. Yea and Ultimate Surf Warriors has a couple of openings….. Just saying…. send a request to our leader……

    We are moving UP!!!!


  4. Tom Wacker says:

    I don’t believe in trash talk. Lucky13 too is destined to dominate the SiteX division and that is just a simple truth.

    New Sheriff in town in the SiteX division. L13 Too is coming for you!

  5. Evelyn Kramer says:

    All I know is Jon Olson is a Wealth Builder!
    Come and get it!

  6. Nice tose that they have all gne to good homes, now all they need to do is behave themselves, follow the house rules and all will be well

  7. Mary Goble Thomas says:

    As someone who has spent her hard-earned money on tokens and XP batteries to help her team, I am wondering if these CTP employees who have suddenly appeared in select teams have unlimited access to tokens and XP batteries. If so, this is very, very unfair.

    • NO Mary we do not……. we are playing by the book and the rules we do not have any favors and our teams do not have any favors…… We are just trying to work with some of the community and help and have some fun…….


  8. Tom Wacker says:

    Really Mary? That hurts my heart.

    Do you really think that I would tap TT supplies to win? Really?

    The last three days have been so liberating for me. I can trash talk with anybody that will listen. I can surf for a reason. I get to be a part of something that is really important to me.

    I am a detriment to my team because I don’t and can’t bring any loyalty bonus to them. But I can surf for my place.

    What would be the upside to my using TT supplies to win? How would that help the teams or the community or the company? How could that possibly be right?

    No way. There is no possible gain for any of us. NONE.

    The question here is simple. Why would TimTech be in any way adversarial to our members and friends? What good could possibly come of it?

    Please note that this is not the company answering. This is me.

  9. Demetri says:

    If I had a king’s ransom (on a monthly basis) and could do lifetime upgrades in all of the “favorite” TEs, I could generate 500 million XP a week and regularly win my division–ALONE.

    Of course, 500 million XP won’t favorably impress the folks at my bank…but it probably WOULD make various “favorite” TE-owners smile like cheshire cats.

  10. Mary Goble Thomas says:

    I am truly sorry to hurt your heart Tom, and I’m glad you are now having fun, but please understand that to some of us who are on teams that were not selected to have CTP employees added, it no longer seems like a level playing field.

    • Janelle says:


      We are absolutely NOT using any of our resources to give any team an advantage. It would serve us zero purpose to cheat. What do we win? The lose of our members trust and the loss of this community? It serves zero purpose. We’re on teams because we like to play the game (fairly).

      I can appreciate that you’d be concerned. With all due respect, we’re just here to have fun and play the game with you guys. Scouts honor.

      That said, may the best team win! 😀 *cough In To Win cough*

  11. Mary Goble Thomas says:

    That is good to know, Janelle, but I see your 500% loyalty bonus has already benefited InToWin, so I’m afraid my trust in CTP is rapidly evaporating.

    • Janelle says:

      Mary, I’m very sorry you feel that way. Its disappointing that you don’t trust us. I’m sure we’ll continue to work towards earning your trust back however we can.

    • Jon Olson says:

      We’ll get rid of the 500% bonus, you are right that shouldn’t be there for TimTech employees.

  12. Bill Darton says:

    Great input Janelle. Of course we are happy to have you as the newest member of the In To Win team.

    The “In To Win” concept has no room for cheaters. Where there is cheating, there is no winning! The In To Win concept is all about doing all you can then figuring out how to do 10% more. Learning, growing and overcoming adversity are the qualities necessary to bring about a Winning Attitude. The attitude becomes infectious throughout the team and success is inevitable.

    All teams potentially have some advantage or another. Some teams have members who are full-time marketers as opposed to someone like me who works long hours as a full-time truck driver. Other teams have members who can afford to purchase additional Tokens or XP whereas other teams struggle just to maintain their KORE4 memberships and/or various upgrades.

    It really comes down to building a team of eager participants who are willing to commit to the team’s success. Putting in the effort and/or resources and being accountable to the whole team.

    We may be in last place right now but, the fact is that we were starting to see great improvements before Janelle joined our team. With co-operation, encouragement and communication we were finally starting to build some momentum.

    Watch Out CTP TeamS! We have nowhere to go but up! And…

    We Are, As Always, In To Win!

    • Janelle says:

      Thank you Bill. Very VERY well said. I’m proud to call myself a member of this team and welcoming messages have been very much appreciated. 🙂

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Lots of fun!!

  14. Raj G says:

    Great inputs and discussions…!

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