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Goodbye To The Worst Ever Team in CTP Teams History

Goodbye To The Worst Ever Team in CTP Teams History

The OutKasts CTP Team LogoWe were bad.

Without a doubt we were the worst team in the entire history of CTP Teams and now we are no more.

OutKasts have officially and unceremoniously been cast out from the contest. Broken up, disbanded and never to return.

We were The Team That Could Never Win and that was the problem really.

In fact we were so bad that when Bill was drawing up how to display teams for Season Three, he decided that the OutKasts would not show up at all.

We were still there, kind of, but it was almost impossible to find us.

Jon summed it up well in TELive yesterday when he said: “It’s really hard to compete against nobody,” and that is exactly what we were doing in OutKasts.

The spirit of the team was not to win…so we didn’t win anything.

The spirit of the team was not to compete…so we didn’t compete.

The spirit of the team was not to make waves…so we didn’t make waves.

We were a nothing team and now we are no more.

So what now for the OutKasts…? Well if you attended TELive yesterday you will already know…if not then you will find out in the next CTP Teams blog post.


8 responses to “Goodbye To The Worst Ever Team in CTP Teams History”

  1. Marye says:

    your break up is our gain 🙂

  2. Evelyn Kramer says:

    Their Loss is my gain! Jon Olson is a Wealth Builder!!!

  3. Glad to have new blood in the competition. People getting complacent.

  4. cool, a bit more jigging to see some teams get ahead 🙂

  5. Bill Darton says:

    Sounds like that post came right out of a Seinfeld
    episode. It was the team about nothing!

    Breaking up the team was a great idea! Because…

    We are happy to have Janelle as the newest edition
    to the In To Win team!

  6. Raj G says:

    what an honest submission…? 🙂

  7. Demetri says:

    Unfathomable. HOW can a team composed of multiple people NOT be able to generate ANYTHING? Especially when some of the members seemed to be some of the best known, more “accomplished” networkers in TE?

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Interesting turn of events!

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