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Week 12 Is Underway At CTP Teams

Week 12 Is Underway At CTP Teams

As another new week starts at CTP Teams, we enter into another week of opportunity for you to build your business online.

Remember there are extra money badges to collect at the TimTech traffic exchanges so this is a great opportunity to brush up on your nerd surfing skills.

Don’t forget to check out TELive this week where Jon will have lots of cool stuff for you…chat, live guests, fun, entertainment interesting nuggets and training.

TELive will be on at 4pm Eastern so do your best to get along…it is always a great place to be and is the heart of the TE community.

As far as CTP Teams is concerned, Alphas, Renegades and Hunters are still looking strong with the maximum number of weekly points. These three teams have not put a foot wrong and are a great example of how effective coordinated team work can be.

The smaller teams have also been doing well this season and no matter where people are in their individual divisions, CTP teams is proving to be a lot of fun for the players.

Just the networking opportunities alone make it worthwhile for so many members.

It can be hard coming online for the first time and it is made all the more harder when people think they are all alone and up against everyone else on the internet.

CTP Teams and TELive are the antidotes to that feeling of being alone…be sure to use both to their maximum potential.

5 responses to “Week 12 Is Underway At CTP Teams”

  1. Sig says:

    Allready 12 weeks in??

    Oh my… well when you got fun time kinda “run”

    Success to all… and I can bet on who will be top 2 in the legacy league this week too.. lol 🙂

    Just remember to have fun too folks… and take the time to look into what You really want to do in your online business.

    And ofcause I recommand more people to try get on the TELIVE! Jon doesnt bit..atleast not that hard :p

    See you all out there.

  2. Team Living Wealthy continues to be the leader in the Raging Redneck’s finishing strong again last night.

    I am so proud of you guys and gals!

  3. The weeks are just flying by

  4. James Ong says:

    Time really flies. We are already 3 months into the contest.

  5. Raj G says:

    Now this competition has turned out to be a part of our daily life… 🙂

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