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Something Big Is Coming…Very Very Soon

Something Big Is Coming…Very Very Soon

CTP money badge giveaway promo

Here is something I bet you were not expecting…

Starting Monday morning at 00.00.01 Eastern there is going to be a virtual money badge explosion.

These are coins which are normally securely locked away and guarded by an army of XP elves (they are the elves who also make the XP when they are not on guard duty in case you didn’t know.)

But from Monday we are setting them free to roam the TimTech traffic exchanges at will.

They have been told that they have a week to do as they please….but with freedom comes a price.

Should they survive a week then they win their freedom forever and they are free to roam the internet, wide and far, for as long as they wish.

We will miss them but we wish them well on their journey…should they get to survive the week that is.

Because also from Monday we are unleashing a vociferous army of coin hunters to track them down and claim these money badges as their own.

These coin hunters have already proved how good they are at collecting badges so the coins need to be extra cunning to survive.

Oh and by the way those coin hunters include you.

If you find a money badge while surfing our traffic exchanges, it is yours. Claim it and keep it, then go after the next one, and the next one and the next…

There will be $500 worth of newly-released money badges to hunt down…how many will you get your hands on?

20 responses to “Something Big Is Coming…Very Very Soon”

  1. I don’t like trying to predict numbers like this, but I’ll certainly be surfing!

  2. Kris Rogers says:

    Yes, looks like I will be Nerd Surfing all week šŸ™‚

  3. Shelayne says:

    I promise to care for any of them that come my way very well! LOL Shelayne

  4. Charles says:

    I’ll be surfing with both hands. I predict another great successful TimTech event.

  5. Karen Kuty says:

    The only thing more fun than badges is money badges! Wahoo!

  6. Sig says:

    Thats totally COOL Beans!!

    Time to try get my Money badges back then… wonder what Tom did spend all he took from on… šŸ˜‰

  7. Patricia Hedge says:

    Sweet! Thank you Tim Tech!

  8. Evelyn Kramer says:

    I am excited for a coin hunt but most excited for the Coin Badges to toam free. I definitely will invite them to play in my sites.

  9. Evelyn Kramer says:

    I am excited for a coin hunt but most excited for the Coin Badges to roam free. I definitely will invite them to play in my sites.

  10. John Brewer says:

    Just when you thought TimTech could not top it’s self – they have doe it again!

    The TE industry certainly has the opportunity to rise above the pettiness that dominates it at the moment.

    Great job guys!

  11. Maya says:

    Although I sure like to claim moneybadges…..I would like to offer the elves a new job if they want it..that is if they survive the week.
    I sure need some good moneywatchers and keep me from spending it in the wrong places šŸ™‚
    Tnx guys for solving the coin problems and giving us a bonus as well!

  12. Raj G says:

    WOW! that would be quite interesting..!

  13. Money badges are always good. I’ll bet none of the little elves will make it out of TT!

  14. Kathy Dyer says:

    Great time to get our ads up in the Tim Tech sites. Lots of eyes on the surf starting Monday.

  15. Bill Darton says:

    Very generous! Sounds like fun. I will definitely be out there hunting… Hopefully they do not disappear like the previous coins I have collected :/

  16. Anne Bergman says:

    Sure I will be surfing TT sites šŸ™‚

  17. Chrissy S says:

    Did something happen to the coins we already had? Mine have been wiped out! I had well over a dollar, slow and steady. Had one payout already. Do they go bad? I am quite disappointed at the moment that I have to start all over. I have no incentive now to surf more.

  18. James Ong says:

    I Love Money Badges!

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