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Congratulations To Thomas Sheets For Winning Bill’s Birthday Badge Hunt

Congratulations To Thomas Sheets For Winning Bill’s Birthday Badge Hunt

Jon Olson on TELive

After more than 19,000 badges containing Bill’s face were claimed…we have our winner.

Thomas Sheets managed to find 241 of the 250 badges which had been distrubuted throughout cyberspace…an amazing achievement.

Jon announced the winner on yesterday’s TELive and Thomas as a very worthy winner of the $500 cash prize…so well done, once again, on being such an expert hunter of badges.

This was the biggest badge hunt in TimTech’s history and we think it went well…very well actually.

There will be more badge hunts to come…the next one should be around hallowe’en or thereabouts.

But we have a question for you all: “What could do to make the next badge hunt even better?”

We want to know how things could be better from the point of view of both the badge hunters and the badge sponsors.

Maybe there is something new we could introduce that would make the contest even more fun and exciting…something you would like to see but that nobody else has thought of yet.

In fact any feedback at all would be great…good or bad.

Janelle will also be reaching out to all the badge sponsors separately so if you have any thoughts or suggestions then she wants to know.

Thomas described the badge hunt as “fantastic fun” and that is a great way to sum it up.

It also helped raise money for charity, build up people’s online businesses, raise people’s profiles, put people into programs, get names on lists and so much more.

The badge hunt itself was just on for two weeks but the positive impact it could have is something which could last for a very long time indeed.

I don’t know about you but I am already looking forward to the next one.

26 responses to “Congratulations To Thomas Sheets For Winning Bill’s Birthday Badge Hunt”

  1. Hey! Hey! Hey! Congrats, Thomas! Nice to see a new name in the badge hunt winner’s spotlight!

  2. Jon Olson says:

    It was…Awesome! Thank you to everyone for taking part. We’re looking forward to the next one 🙂

  3. Thanks Jon, Patrick, and everyone from Tim Tech!

    It was definitely a lot of fun. I have met some really nice people along the way, got some promos lined up and a few new members into my sites, plus made some sales as well. All in all, the Badge Hunt was Awesome.

    And I can’t wait for the next one!

    Thanks Kendra 🙂

  4. Well done Thomas, great stuff

  5. 🙂 Well done Thomas 🙂
    Great hunt !!
    And Patrick / Jon asks for us to have input to do next hunt better.
    Well, one major change should be the prize, you see, so many people attend to this hunt and many people does GREAT work…but it all ends up in one prize / one guy / girl and all the rest arent event mentioned lol
    How about amking prize to the top 25 ? sort of like this :-
    1st prize $200 2nd prize $ 100 3rd prize £50 and 4th prize $25 and 5th $10 and rest down to 25 would get XP…and batteries or tokens.
    Woudl trigger me more for sure as I knew early I could get to #1 ..so then I just eased down 😉 and relaxed .
    Would like to see this implemented or a similar model. 🙂

  6. Jessica McLurkin says:

    YES YES OLE that is a fantastic idea !! Good input 😉

  7. Evelyn Kramer says:

    Congratulations Tom!
    A winner in every way.
    Awesome hunt everyone.

  8. Bonnie Roberts says:

    Awesome job Thomas! It was my first badge hunt and had a great time!

  9. Thanks Jon, Patrick, and everyone!

    It was definitely a lot of fun. I have met some really nice people along the way, got some promos lined up and a few new members into my sites, plus made some sales as well. All in all, the Badge Hunt was Awesome.

    And I can’t wait for the next one!

  10. Brandon says:

    Well since you asked here is my rant that I also sent to CTP support, bu who know where it will end up there, I also edited some names out…
    I just wanted to voice my opinion about the badge hunt. I don’t know if it will matter, but I think some changes need to be made to make it a better experience for the members.
    1. There should be a leaderboard. Competition would increase if there was a leaderboard updated regularly especially in the last couple of days as members would scramble to find more. Also I collected 89 badges, but have no clue how that stacked up to others – was I last? one away from winning? or somewhere in between?
    2. Owners of badges should not allowed to participate. This is like “employees of this radio station are not eligible to win”. Owners already have an unfair advantage of a head start. They could still get xp and bonus xp by collecting, but should not be eligible for cash prizes. If you insist on not changing this then at least make it to where the badges they own do not count toward their total.
    3. Have a checklist or have the badge icons (on the main badge hunt page) numbered with the corresponding badge. It is difficult to remember which badge you have at times. If I come across “collect badge 091 here” while surfing, I need to quickly see if I have that already. I spent a lot of time going after one only to find out I already had it. It was one that I received as a package deal – one action for 5 badges, so I didn’t realize I had it.
    4. Owners should be limited to five badges. Stop monopolizing- One owner had 20 for cryin out loud.
    5. Guidelines for owners- (a.) If you insist on a purchase for a badge, there should be at least one option for $5 or less. One owner wanted $49. Thank God I did not fall for that. (b.) Leave your CTP ID on the instruction page. This is a BADGE hunt, not a hunt to find YOU. Maybe I have a question or just want to say hi or thanks. But most frustrating is when you say to pm you to claim but don’t leave your ID. (c.) Nothing, something, everything. Was that too vague? So where your instructions.
    6. Spread the love. I appreciate the random bonus xp, but one winner takes all? How about $300 top prize, $200 split between 2nd and 10th place?
    Would I be writing this if I won? Yes.
    I know you are the experts but I think this would help us normal folk.

  11. Jessica McLurkin says:

    Great Job Tomas, Well Done 🙂 !!!

  12. Kris Rogers says:

    Well done to Thomas!

  13. Maya says:

    Great job Thomas, makes me even more proud I’m a Renegade 🙂
    Although I did’t get more then 105 badges I think it was a great Badgehunt!

  14. Elina Balashova says:

    Congrats, Thomas! That was an awesome hunt and a great win! whooohoooo 😀
    And a big applause to Leone, I know it was your first hunt and you did soooo well!!!

    As for the prize structure suggested by Ole, that is great for sure, but I think a huge 1st prize motivates people a lot. If it will be four times smaller, and you will face the possibility of splitting it in case of a double win or such, then not so many would go for it till the end :), as you spend more by completing tasks 😀
    But some smaller prizes to the top 3 or so and tokens and xp batteries to the rest would be great consolation prizes 🙂 🙂

  15. Elizabeth says:

    Way to go!

  16. TIm Hanson says:

    WTG Thomas

  17. Elina Balashova says:


    I think the reason why there is no leaderboard available during the game, is in having more activity in the badge hunt. Some complete a lot during the first days and it make look to some that there is no point to even start anymore. This way everyone is doing it all in their own pace without feeling pressure that you definitely have to get for example 15 or more badges to catch up on the nr 1. That is just my opinion :).

    Checklists and such you could do on the spreadsheet made by Sunny and Debra, if you subscribed to their badge hunt blog and didn’t make your own list.

    And about given tasks… Well, if you don’t like the task, you don’t have to do it. As easy as that :). Those who buy badges, want to leverage them, either by having new members, more activity, more sales, or just by getting that money back. For me the key was always in dong the task that I wanted to do. I always surfed for badges, simply because I like to surf. And I got upgrades on sites I knew I was going to use. When I felt I was close to winning, yes, I admit I purchased stuff I didn’t actually need. But you need to be sure you are close to your win and won’t be spending more than you’ll win :).
    Other than that just do the tasks you like. Something is too expensive? Don’t buy. Don’t like to surf a lot? Don’t. As easy as that. The top prize is huge and you just have to see if you’re going for it no matter what or by leveraging as many tasks as you can. There is no right or wrong in it :).

    And I know I shouldn’t say this but I was happy to see that one specific badge hasn’t been claimed many times. Also shows how strong this community is :).

    • Brandon says:

      “But you need to be sure you are close to your win and won’t be spending more than you’ll win :)”
      So how do I know if I’m close to a win? That’s exactly why there should be a leaderboard. Can you imagine CTP Teams without one? Sure there’s always someone who will give up, but it encourages overall competition. And yes I know I have a choice to surf, or buy, or neither and in friendly completion that’s great but I was referring to a few owners that were blatantly trying to rip off the players. Anyway, that’s just how I see it as a casual player. It was still fun overall I just hope to see some player-friendly changes in the future.

  18. Thanks everyone 🙂

    If you add a leaderboard, not allow certain individuals to participate because they are giving away badges, and add a bunch of other rules you are taking away from the Badge Hunt. The mystery of not knowing who is currently #1 makes it all the more interesting. The Badge Hunt is a game, and like any game, you gotta play to win!

    Did I expect to win? No, I didn’t as it was my first hunt I collected for. But I did everything I could to at least get close to the top, because I am competitive by nature. For example, I had to go to Boris’ Site 7 different times to get those hats in order to get that Badge, LOL. There were others that were difficult to get, But I didn’t give up, I kept at it.

    As far as the prizes, if you are going to change it up, maybe add a few other prizes to round out a Top 5 prize structure, and some other prizes like XP Batteries, Tokens, and etc. but keep the top prize higher to maintain interest till the end.

  19. James Ong says:

    Congrats Thomas!

  20. Elina Balashova says:

    “So how do I know if I’m close to a win?”
    In order to be sure you will win, you need to collect all the badges :D.
    That is what my boyfriend told me when I did the very first hunt 😀

  21. Raj G says:

    Congrats Thomas..!!!

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