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Welcome To Week 11 Of CTP Teams

Welcome To Week 11 Of CTP Teams

Well today is going to be a bit different for everyone…the first day in two weeks that we are not collecting badges with Bill’s face on them.

But there are still plenty of badges to collect…in fact there is not too far to go now until an amazing 25 million badges will have been collected by members of CTP.

I am not going to predict when it will happen but with 24.18 m badges having been collected up until n0w, that day can’t be too far away.

As for the badge hunt, well it was the biggest ever and I think many would agree that was also the most successful.

I am sure Jon will have a lot more to say about that in TELive today so be sure not to miss it at 4pm Eastern today.

Season Three at CTP Teams is still going strong with lots of activity throughout each of the divisions.

Alphas, Renegades and Hunters remain the three teams which have not dropped a single point all season and it is very possible that they could continue that trend right up until the end of the season.

Obviously it is not guaranteed but with each passing week it looks like an ever more certain bet.

The ‘easiest’ team to catch right now is Easy Team in the Wealth Builder Division as it has just a seven point lead over second placed Surf to Earn.

Most of the other top teams are nine or ten points clear of their nearest rivals…except Hunters in the SiteXplosion Division which is currently the hardest team to catch, having opened up an 18 point lead over WealthBuilders 2.0.

No matter where your team is in CTP Teams another amazing week awaits to enjoy yourselves and have fun.

10 responses to “Welcome To Week 11 Of CTP Teams”

  1. Marye says:

    WTG to all the big Badge earners and good luck to All

  2. Keith says:

    And relax….back to normal!

  3. Sig says:

    Alphas, Renegades and Hunters will remain where they are true the season, thats what I think. 😀

    When it come to the rest of the teams, I think there will be more fun for the 3-5 positions.

    There has and will not be much change in the top teams… but hopefully there will be more Fighting for the teams at 3-5 and so positions.

    The Top teams is hard to beat… normally they win with 5-8 million more then 3rd place.. lol..

    But the game aint over… Rock on all!

    And all respect to you hard working number one teams 🙂

  4. Things are starting to take shape, now it gets hot hot hot

  5. WTG Team Living Wealthy!

  6. James Ong says:

    WTG all teams!

  7. Raj G says:

    wow… competition is hotting up..!!!

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