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More Badge Hunt Results – This Stuff Is Far From Silly

More Badge Hunt Results – This Stuff Is Far From Silly

Remember when people used to say that collecting badges was silly?

I guess there are still those out there who still think this…but their numbers are getting fewer by the day.

There are people who still think the Earth is flat so I guess there are people who must still think that badges are silly and that they have no place in ‘serious’ online business.

Well Bill’s Birthday Badge Hunt is all the proof that you need to demonstrate that collecting CTP badges does really work and really works well.

When I wrote about Lynn’s amazing results the other day I knew that these were not one off, untypical results. In fact if you know how to work a badge hunt to your advantage (as so many of you clearly do) then these can be the sort of results you can expect to achieve.

I asked other people for their results and these are some of the results that people shared…

Evelyn Kramer

“This is my second badge hunt and I already know the power of the hunt. So this time I wanted to use it to encourage new members into my TEs and especially my brand new 1 week old TE. It’s hard to say what one promo or action has done the most, but the “baby” has grown 3 times as fast as my first two. Surfing has been great everyday. Helping me deliver great traffic.

“The most fun has been using the Hunt to encourage Twitter followers and Google+ followers. It has really brought home the power of the Tweet and so far has gained me 160 new followers from within the CTP community.”

Eric Burgoyne

“I am very happy. For my first badge they must sign up for free to a 3 day free review account. So far 25 folks have done this. To get my second badge they must upgrade for 1 year $19.00. I thought during the badge hunt if I broke even during the entire hunt I would be happy.

“To my surprise I have already more than broken even as of Friday the 5th. Getting my name out there was my main goal, but now with 7 days left in the hunt my goals are even higher.

“This also my second badge hunt and that one as well I did better than I had planned on as well.”

Adrian Gurgui

“When I planned for the Badge Hunt campaign, I had in mind two sets of targets for my badges. One set was minimal, but if not met, I would have considered the entire promotion a failure.

“Fortunately, this set of targets have been met for both of my badges. In fact, I almost met this target for my first badge during the first day of the hunt!

“The second set of targets are more ambitious, but nothing unachievable. Practically almost hit the target for the first badge, but I’m expecting more since I’ve set the targets before I decided to include start pages promotion in the campaign. Second badge is a little behind at this one, but I’m confident the target will be hit there too.

“Besides that, I’ve collected a lot of information (and that’s not over yet) that should help me run better campaigns in the future.

“All in all, Badge Hunt offers a great flexibility and opportunity to connect the badge to virtually any task your imagination can conceive. That, plus the expectation created by a yearly event, plus prizes = success!”

Russell Stockley

“The Badge Hunt is always a great compliment to site owners and list builders alike. It always brings good results, It introduces CTP Members and new members to sites and people, It is a great vehicle for letting people know who you are and it is a great addition to site owners to value add features for their membership.
“The Community that revolves around the TE Industry is a very strong community and the Badge Hunts make them stronger.”

These are the views of four different people, with different approaches and different goals but all share one thing in common…they are all getting results from encouraging people to collect ‘silly’ badges.

Make sure the badge hunt also works for you and make the most of the rest of this week.

Top tip…once this badge hunt is over be sure to start planning on how you will make the next one work even better for you!


3 responses to “More Badge Hunt Results – This Stuff Is Far From Silly”

  1. Tim Hanson says:

    This is my first and wont be my last as I continue to develop my affiliate status. Its amazing the number of connections I have made and some great conversation. Second to that is what this has done for my list. Success.

  2. Kathy Dyer says:

    I love badge hunts. Great opportunity to interact with more people in the TE community.

  3. James Ong says:

    Great testimonials.

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