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Welcome To Week Ten And Week Two

Welcome To Week Ten And Week Two

Today sees the start of week ten for Season Three of CTP Teams and the second, and final, week of the biggest badge hunt in badge hunt history.

In CTP teams we still have three teams with a perfect score – I have mentioned them many times but if you don’t know who they are then check out the Seasonal Standings tab in CTP and find out for yourself.

If you need a clue then you will be looking for teams with a total of 45 seasonal points because that is the maximum amount of weekly points that it is possible to have right now.

Season Three continues to be outstanding and this week should be really fun with the badge hunt still underway.

Talking of the badge hunt – 13,550 badges have currently been claimed – and today sees some new badges come online so make sure you get as many badges as you can to be in with a chance of winning the $500 cash prize.

Just one final thing to say on today’s short post…if you have badges in the badge hunt and you have not posted your clues yet then….what are you waiting for?

It totally defeats the whole object of the game if you have badges that cannot be claimed.

A quick look at yesterday’s post on how well Lynn did in just one week should be reason enough to make your badges live without delay.

Have a great week everyone and have fun collecting those badges.

9 responses to “Welcome To Week Ten And Week Two”

  1. Evelyn Kramer says:

    Great season and awesome badge hunt. Best time to be a Nerd!
    I hope everyone is enjoying the challenges as much as I am.
    If not, something is wrong and you need to come talk to me.

  2. Demetri says:

    Don’t understand the seasonal rankings. Each weekly, am in the top-10, but near the bottom of the seasonals. Am always doing CTP things but the latter ranking doesn’t change.

    • Patrick Griffin says:

      The seasonal rankings are team totals and are the numbers used to determine where the teams are within their particular divisions.

      Each week the team in first place gets five points, the team in second place gets four points, the third placed team gets three points, the fourth placed team gets two points and the fifth placed team gets one point.

      The teams with the highest number of points at the end of the current season will be the winning teams in their respective divisions.

      I hope that clears things up for you.

  3. Lynn M says:

    It’s a shame that some don’t get their badge clues in until the last minute (or not at all). Having badges ready to go the first day or two is REALLY crucial, especially for those wanting people to join a list or program.

    Though folks will still be badge hunting throughout the hunt, the first two days are definitely the ones with the most interest and interest in badge hunting drops off significantly after the first couple of days. My stats on my “subscribe” badges go from 178 the first day to 27 the second day, to 15 the third day, and now in single digits.

    From 178 to 27 – That’s pretty significant. If your badge is not ready to be claimed the first day, or at least by the second day, you are simply missing out.

  4. I am surprised at how many do not put their clues on to their Bills Badges,
    besides that though many members are tenacious enough to find all of those that are available and that is good to see

  5. Kathy Dyer says:

    Great hunt. I wish more would get their clues in too.

  6. Demetri says:

    I need a QUICK reply…as in RIGHT NOW! Who needs a referral in VegasHitz? Send me a link (weedermann) and I’ll join under you.

  7. James Ong says:

    Had great fun collecting badges together as a team.

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