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CTP Teams Update: Week Nine of Season Three

CTP Teams Update: Week Nine of Season Three

I think badge hunts speed up time because this week has just raced by…it is Thursday already which means this week is coming to a close.

At CTP Teams the numbers continue to look great with lots of XP being claimed and lots of activity.

I think it is fair to say that teams, in general, have got into a routine because with only a couple of exceptions, every team is in exactly the same position as they ended last week.

The top four divisions, where there has been no movement, are more settled so there is a lot of room for teams to try something different and rock the boat a bit…especially during a badge hunt.

There is also a clear pattern developing now with team domination over their divisions. In the Legacy Hits Division SurfAholics Alpha and Lucky 13 are very closely matched. Although the Alphas have managed to keep the upper hand so far this season, Lucky 13 are proving to be very strong competitors and its members really do want to be on the top spot.

In all the other divisions, the top team has generally opened up a large gap over the other teams but, in many cases, with more efficient team work probably not a gap which is too large to be overcome.

In the badge hunt, it is great that many people are really being creative with their clues and also thinking of new ways to promote their badges.

It is good that I am waking up every morning to clues in my inbox, telling me how I can collect badges. Those people who actively promote their badges will always do better than those who do nothing and just hope people find their badges.

Have a great Thursday everyone and have fun.


6 responses to “CTP Teams Update: Week Nine of Season Three”

  1. Glenn Witmer says:

    Go surf teams, go surf

  2. Gaps can always be traversed, just look at Evil Knievel šŸ™‚

  3. James Ong says:

    Good to see gaps closing out. Badge hunt really added surprises to the team competition.

  4. Evelyn Kramer says:

    Glad you reminded everyone to actively promote their badges. Some of mine expire in a few days so I want people to find them. This is so much fun!

  5. Go teams I wish everyone success no matter what level they are on!

  6. Demetri says:

    Still wondering about these badges…there does not seem to be ANYTHING OF VALUE for the SURFER to bother collecting them.

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