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Everyone Wins As Biggest Ever Badge Hunt Brings In Results

Everyone Wins As Biggest Ever Badge Hunt Brings In Results

We are into Day Three of Bill’s Birthday Badge Hunt and the contest is just awesome…actually it is beyond awesome.

It is all the proof that anyone could need that we are part of a real, vibrant, creative, switched-on community of talented individuals.

Not only is there a big cash prize up for grabs for the person who finds the most badges at the end of the two weeks…but there are hundreds of dollars in random prizes out there too.

While the prize money is good, it is not the main part of the badge hunt. The hunt is actually about two main things (well at least in my opinion) which are:

1. enabling the community as a whole to come together and grow together in a fun and exciting event

2. allowing individuals to get the results they want in the areas where they want to achieve results.

We have already had an all night Dance Party in the TELive Skype room on Monday night which was an amazing success and the unofficial / official blog is chronicling some of the major talking points as they happen.

We may be only three days in, but there has already been a lot to report…more than 7,000 badges claimed, happy badge hunters, happy badge sponsors, increased activity across the board and so it goes on.

People are also getting very creative with their badges. Some will appear randomly on traffic exchanges while others will appear after a set number of pages.

I particularly like the trend for some badges to be available on certain days, or at certain time periods only as this encourages frequent participation in the badge hunt.

It is great that there are so many badges on offer outside the traffic exchanges so that there are many different ways to collect badges.

If you have not taken part in this badge hunt yet then what are you waiting for? The party has already started and there is a lot of fun to be had.

In other news, Jon announced earlier today that both the Vaults N’ Keys and Sub Games are sold out for all of June while Daily Challenges are SOLD OUT until December…yes December.

The traffic exchange industry is having a great year which means there is every reason for YOU to have a great year too.

Keep hunting those badges.


6 responses to “Everyone Wins As Biggest Ever Badge Hunt Brings In Results”

  1. Victoria Stein says:

    I was quite amazed to read that the Daily Challenges are reserved all the way through to the end of the year!

    The ‘XP’citement is building!

  2. The Dance Party was indeed awesome 🙂

  3. Sig says:


    I dance at the beach 🙂

    Success all

  4. Charles says:

    Yes, this is the most active of all of the Badge Hunts.

  5. James Ong says:

    I haven’t won any cash badges or 100k or 1 million XP so far. Hopefully, I can win some.

  6. Raj G says:

    Good to find everyone so involved…

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