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One Week From Now…

One Week From Now…

It all starts…Bill’s Birthday Badge Hunt begins on June 1st and will rocket the teams in exciting competition, major team play and of course, hundreds of dollars in real cash prizes!

This is the first badge hunt of 2015 and here’s a few tips for some of you that may be experiencing their first ever hunt;

– Talk to your team! Be sure to be in contact with your team mates each and every day. Learn which sites have easy to find badges, where they are hidden and work with your teams to collect as many as you can. Remember, each team has it’s own unique game card as well to complete. The more badges your team finds together, the more you can win πŸ™‚

– Surf the traffic exchanges now to get huge clues and hints on who is sponsoring badges for the hunt. Check out Val Mavrodin and Tim Hanson‘s splash / squeeze pages that show you examples of what to look for. Savvy badge sponsors will be in the traffic exchanges all this week giving you hints on how to claim the badges they have sponsored!

– Attend Traffic Exchange Live every day this week! I will be going over tips and tricks on how to get the most from this hunt including WHY you should be even more active in chat this week as we expect thousands of new members to join Click Track Profit. Hint – It’s a good place to be visible!

– Be sure to follow me on Twitter and look for the official badge hunt hash tag #CTPBadgeHunt – I will be giving away random prizes for people using that hash tag this week and of course, all 2 weeks of the hunt.

– Get ready! This may sound like a lot of hype and hoopla but believe me…A CTP Badge Hunt is unlike anything in the traffic exchanges! You are going to love it and it’s important to remember, even though this is a lot of fun and an exciting time…It’s a glorious chance for you to build your business, network with other hunters and step out of your comfort zone each and every day!

We can’t wait for June 1st and are looking forward to this hunt more than any other in the past. Keep reading the CTP Teams blog and let;s roll up our sleeves and get to work. This is going to be a blast!

20 responses to “One Week From Now…”

  1. Evelyn Kramer says:

    All the Wealth Builder Sites will have Badges. I am having so much fun with this and haven’t it hasn’t even started yet.

  2. Shannon Dowden says:

    I am so excited. I have hunted badges in all the birthday badge hunts and several others. I love hunting them. πŸ˜€

  3. Karen Kuty says:

    I always love the badge hunts. Big Fun!

  4. Kathy Dyer says:

    I love badge hunts! Great way to meet people!

  5. James Ong says:

    Looking forward to the badge hunt.

  6. Sig says:

    This Is just gonna be FUN!! I feel it, I know it!!

    June we call for you!!!!!

    Badges are getting set up soon…

  7. Linda Mayer says:

    Badge hunts are big fun! It should really be awesome hunting with the teams.

  8. Kris Rogers says:

    badge hunts are so fun and Ive made so many friends over the years by interacting with everyone

  9. Its my first badge hunt, even though I’ve had a CTP account since forever it seems, I think the last time it was on I was busy with babies. Can’t wait to for it to start, just planning my page now for my personal badge I purchased.

  10. I am so looking forward to this hunt, it should be extremely good fun

  11. Deya Hroob says:

    It’s going to be fun:)

  12. Marye says:

    Ready to Hunt!!!

  13. Tim says:

    Cant wait to start. Thanks for the mention in this post and the advice over the past week.

  14. Glenn Witmer says:

    Everyone always loves these

  15. Kendra Morgan says:

    Gonna be a real balancing act keeping up with team points and getting badges. Gotta love a challenge!

  16. Raj G says:

    The Day has arrived… enjoy!

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