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We Are Into Week Six Of Season Three

We Are Into Week Six Of Season Three

Legacy Hits Division standings after five weeks of competition in CTP Teams season three

As we enter the sixth week of this current season, there remain just three teams who have picked up maximum points in the contest so far.

SurfAholics Alpha, Renegades and Hunters all have the maximum possible 25 weekly points from the first five weeks of play.

Living Wealthy is in fourth place as the only team with 24 points and Raiders on the Storm is in fifth place (both in terms of weekly points gained so far) with 23.

Looking at the distribution of weekly points in the top two divisions – the Legacy Hits and Pharaohs Army divisions – it can be seen that the teams have settled into a clear hierarchy of positions with all five places pretty much settled right now.

This is not to say it will remain this way but is evidence that the teams have settled into a rhythm which currently keeps them where they are now. We also see the same pattern of points distribution in the GPowerSurf Division.

The lower teams still have a fair amount of time left in order to disrupt the rhythm of the teams above them so nothing is settled yet.

In the Ragin Redneck Division Living Wealthy has a narrowish three point lead at the top but just a single point separates the next two teams.

CTP Teams SiteXplosion Division weekly standings  S3 w5

In the SiteXplosion Division, while Hunters are way out in front, nothing at all separates Lucky 13 Too and WealthBuilders 2.0 and it is exactly the same for Dark Clickers and The Badge Seekers.

This means that apart from the first spot, this is the most open of all the main divisions right now.

The Wealth Builder Division is the only one where there is a tie for first spot, with both Surf To Earn and Easy Team level on 21 points and just two points separating each of the remaining two teams.

Finally the Cup of Traffic Division remains the one where anything could still happen. The top five teams are holding their own so far but are not at all safe from the teams below them.

There are some really exciting things happening in CTP Teams right now…be part of it and have fun each week as you compete.


6 responses to “We Are Into Week Six Of Season Three”

  1. Karen Kuty says:

    Go Team Living Wealthy! Yay us! Yay for all of the other teams!

  2. Evelyn Kramer says:

    Go Wealth Builders Go!

    It’s only getting better. In fact Wealth Builder Teams are getting better!
    There it had to be said.

    🙂 LOL

  3. Week 6 already , like WOW !!!!

  4. Howard Fullmer says:

    Go Uber Surfers. Ubers Unite!!!! 🙂

  5. Raj G says:

    Competition hotting up…!

  6. Marye says:

    This season is really heating up!!!

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