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Why Walter Says Offering XP To Customers Is Here To Stay…

Why Walter Says Offering XP To Customers Is Here To Stay…

Jon Olson and Walter Mulder TELive

In yesterday’s TELive, special guest Walter Mulder from TrafficRUs spoke about his experience at being the first person to offer CTP experience points to his members.

In short the response has been fantastic as he:

  • brought in new members to his traffic exchange – both paid and free
  • encouraged existing members to upgrade within his program and
  • found that both new and existing members bought more credits from him

The combination of being quick to take action, a huge buzz about CTP XP, being a well-known member of the community with a proven platform like TrafficRUs all played a part in the success.

But as well as that Walter also used his XP wisely…he was able to offer a large package of offers in a 24-hour special to suit all membership grades and budgets.

Here is a screenshot of just some of the offers Walter put up yesterday to conicide with his traffic exchange being the site featured on the CTP Daily Challenge…

Walter Mulder TrafficRUs Daily Challenge offers

Talk about leveraging what is out there to get the best returns for yourself and for your customers.

This is what being a member of the CTP and TimTech community is all about. Yes it is about games and fun, but predominantly it is about business and Walter has shown that using CTP is a pretty powerful tool indeed when it comes to building a business.

And just in case there is any doubt that this worked for Walter…the 24 hour CTP XP giveaway worked and it worked really well.

How do I know…well as soon as Walter saw the results of the 24 hour special he sent an email out to all his members.

Part of the email read:

“Wow, wow, wow, what an amazing day it was yesterday! Thank you everyone who participated in the Daily Challenge.

“For me it was a busy day too, I tried to catch up with the chat, had to manually assign CTP XP, giving out CTP goodies, taking care of the missed badges and more fun like that 🙂 We broke all records!

“One of the most asked questions yesterday was: ‘is the XP giveaway a one time thing or are you planning to do more with it.’ I had to give it some thought and consideration and decided that from now on with every purchase made I’ll give out 250 CTP XP per dollar spent.

“So with every dollar spent you’ll get 250 XP added to your CTP account as a token of my appreciation.”

I think we can safely say that it works for Walter…now it is your turn to make it work for you.

21 responses to “Why Walter Says Offering XP To Customers Is Here To Stay…”

  1. Thanks for writing this up Patrick. What a plain awesome story. Great going Walter. You set a new standard.


  2. Rhonda says:

    Fantastic! I know Walter worked very hard in preparation of the Daily Challenge to be hosted at Traffic R Us and I am over joyed he had such a tremendous day!

    The xp was a wonderful addition to the days activities and Walter did an awesome job showing everyone an example of what this added bonus can do for your business.

    As soon as I logged on I was oh my, what do I want to buy! I of course had to snap up one of the yearly upgrades he was offering! I do hope everyone took advantage of the specials yesterday but if you didn’t it isn’t to late…XP to be had each and everyday at TRUS! Gotta love it!

    Excellent job Walter!

  3. I think this is a good way to get people MOTIVATED. Keep up the good work everyone!

  4. Great thinking Walter. Being first always has its advantages.
    Good for you thinking outside the box

  5. Now stop blogging about me Patrick! Lol
    For the last time I repeat that yesterday was EPIC in so many ways.

    I feel that the Daily Challenge together with valuable offers and bonus XP were a strong combination that from now on I’ll continue to use.

    It’s great that TimTech opened it’s platform to give away XP’s. It for sure levels the playing field, I’ve seen that with my own eyes yesterday and I’m grateful for that.

    Thank you TimTech for the possibilty and help. Thank you everyone who believes in TrafficR.us and CTP Teams!

  6. Georgia says:

    Excellent – I liked being able to choose from the different options to upgrade.

  7. Sig says:

    A new way in this business. Good going!

  8. charlotte ericson says:

    The xp giveaway is a win-win situation for everyone. Walter is a real action taker. WTG and thanks for an awsome day yesterday.

  9. Jon Olson says:

    Such a huge win! Couldn’t have happened to a better guy either, Walter has been here since day one. One of the first attendees ever to TE Live and one of the first adopters of not only Vault N Keys but now Daily Challenge / Giveaway XP…..

    Hope people can see how much power and potential there is in taking action!

  10. Stephen Whittle says:

    Fantastic Walter!

  11. Kudos to Walter for demonstrating to us all how a simple feature such as XP points can be used to manifest a win for both his members (both new and existing) as well as himself and his business. 🙂

  12. Virginia says:

    At that rate, people might need to get some “special” deals on millions of xp from TimTech to give away.

  13. I think it is a wonderful thing keep them coming.

  14. Well done Walter and welcome back in a big way 🙂

  15. Karen Kuty says:

    Great job, Walter! It’s smart business to be a fast responder and give your customers rewards that they like and want. It brings in new customers and creates good will. Woohoo for you!

  16. Raj G says:

    Its great to find that even seasoned marketers are coming out with innovative ideas, with the advent of CTP Tournament….

    Now, offering CTP XP as a incentive / bribe is here to stay.
    I have noticed some others offering too in their unique style.

    ~ Raj

  17. Patricia Dean says:

    Great job Walter, on having so many offers.

  18. Sunny Suggs says:

    Awesome stuff, Walter!

  19. Gary Calvert II says:

    Thanks, Walter, for offering this bonus longer term. 🙂 I’m glad it worked out so well for you. 🙂

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