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Forget The Big Fight In Vegas…The Battle At CTP Teams Is Far More Interesting

Forget The Big Fight In Vegas…The Battle At CTP Teams Is Far More Interesting

CTP Teams Top 100 leaderboard showing top five at S3 W4 D7

Week four at CTP Teams is coming to a close and there is no sign of any punches being pulled.

Teams are battling it out like boxers at the MGM Grand Garden Arena but here nobody is getting punched in the face.

It has been an eventful week and here are some of the highlights:

In the Legacy Hits Division it is the same as last week except that Wealth Builders, in fourth place, have swapped places with CSN.

Wealth Builders are doing very well indeed this week and they are on course to target Uber Surfers for third place this week. Right now there is very little in it and Ubers look rather vulnerable to attack.

The Alphas are safe in first place as are Lucky 13 in second.

There is no change at all in the Pharaohs Army Division this week. This division is fairly evenly spaced out in terms of points but a surge in activity from any of the lower teams could still make a huge difference. Right now, no team here can feel confident that they will end the week where they are now – even at this late stage.

There is quite a battle ongoing in the Ragin Redneck Division between first placed Living Wealthy and second placed Ultimate Surf Warriors. Right now Living Wealthy are winning but do those Surf Warriors have enough left in the tank to challenge for first place?

There is an even closer battle for the next two spots with third placed Surf Lovers under attack from AdKreator just one place below them. Surf Lovers overtook AdK but will have to work hard to retain the advantage.

With just three points in three weeks The Strays have struggled so far in this division and they can only look forward to another point for their efforts this week also.

Hunters remain head and shoulders above the competition in the Site Xplosion Division and are looking at yet another easy win this week once more.

Lucky 13 Too have moved up a place to second but they will have to keep working if WealthBuilders 2.0 are to be kept at bay in third place.

Raiders on the Storm will take top honors in the GPowerSurf Division this week. Team Wealthy has dropped down to fourth this week and look like they may well stay there as Affiliate Prosperity has opened up a big gap in third.

In the Wealth Builder Division it is Easy Team which is living up to its name and making winning the week look rather easy. Easy Team has this week without doubt, having vastly outperformed the rest of the division. In fact they have more points than the top teams in the two divisions immediately ahead of them which is great going indeed.

SurfAholics Bravo, which finished fifth last week, are up two places this week and unless there is a late challenge from Bad Surfers in fourth place, they could claim third place this week.

Indulge Yourself has moved down from third to fifth but this team could still push for fourth place this week, although third place seems a little out of reach.

In the Cup of Traffic Division, the teams which finished in the top six last week are in exactly the same places this week. Worthy of note this week is Caveman 65 which has moved up three places to seventh, the Money Tree Shakers, up nine places from 21 to 12 and Music Team which has climbed four places from 17 last week to 13 now.

Finally in the Top 100 individual players there is a mighty battle ongoing for people to claim a share of Jon’s Vegas cash winnings.

The current top three is:

1. Rosy Di Lucia from Lucky 13

2. Evelyn Kramer from WealthBuilders and

3. Martin Sandal from SurfAholics Alpha

Midnight eastern tonight will see the end of week four and Jon’s special weekly prize. Good luck to you all.

10 responses to “Forget The Big Fight In Vegas…The Battle At CTP Teams Is Far More Interesting”

  1. Georgia says:

    Wow – lots of surfing… WTG everyone.

  2. Karen Kuty says:

    It’s been a challenging week, but all contenders are still in the fight until the final bell.

  3. Pacing, timing, and consistency go a long way towards creating a winning strategy. As does building a strong team both through recruiting new people and being a team that people want to be part of.

  4. Glenn Witmer says:

    Where o where will it end up???

  5. Barbara Serrano says:

    Fight to surf in CTP, what else..lol.

  6. Kris Rogers says:

    Love these random competitions! Can’t wait for more of them. Interesting week.

  7. Karen says:

    The CTP Teams competition just keeps getting more and more interesting I love following the teams and players every week and I agree with Kris thanks for the competition it was a good surfing incentive. I was so pleased to see Evelyn up in the top 3 she is an awesome leader and deserves a win! Go team wealthbuilders and congratulations all.

  8. Sig says:

    interesting indeed.

    ..the force be with you all!



  9. Raj G says:

    a very competitive week

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