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The CTP XP Mega XPlosion Sounds Very Interesting

The CTP XP Mega XPlosion Sounds Very Interesting

CTP XP Megasurf explosion

Thomas Sheets from Renegades has come up with a rather interesting promotion.

It is called the CTP XP Mega XPlosion where 5,000,000 XP Up For Grabs plus one million XP as a grand prize.

There are ten traffic exchanges taking part in the contest which will reward today’s top surfers.

The Object: Win All The XP You Can!
The Rules: Surf All The 10 TE’s(min 100 pgs ea.) to qualify for the Top 10
To Qualify for the Grand Prize You Must be in the Top 10 at All Exchanges!

This sounds really fun. If you are not taking part in this already then there is still time…so get clicking.

10 responses to “The CTP XP Mega XPlosion Sounds Very Interesting”

  1. Evelyn Kramer says:

    I have two sites in the contest and I like the simplicity of the whole thing. Plus the timing is great. You want big points going into the weekend.

    The only deflating thing about it is when i realized that as one of the site owners I couldn’t win!! Boo Hoo

    I’m hoping my team picks up for me. So far they are looking good.
    Go Wealth Builders!

    Hee Hee hee.

  2. Thanks for this article Tim Tech.

    We have 3 sites in the contest, and so far things are looking good. There is just over 6.5 hours left in the contest, so there is still time to get in the Top 10 at all the sites and grab some XP for your team.

    Like Evelyn stated above, you want big time XP, now is the time to snatch it up, take part in the event and make your team’s score skyrocket this weekend. 🙂

    Join Sig, Randy, Steve, Evelyn, Russell, Mike and myself this evening at our sites and claim your share of the XP Prizes. You could potentially be the bonus winner of the 1m XP!

  3. This is a great Promo and a fantastic boost to your XP Collecting 🙂

  4. Glenn Witmer says:

    Wow, that’s great…gonna have to make some time for that

  5. James Ong says:

    Only managed to surf TFT at the last minute to qualify.

  6. Maya says:

    Well as nobody wants to tell…..this contest was AWESOME!!!!!!
    Big tnx to all site-owners that were in it.
    Now I’m very curious who won the big prize….

  7. Karen Kuty says:

    Alas! Traveling for work and unable to surf–who won?

  8. Georgia says:

    That was a lot of fun!

  9. Raj G says:

    That’s interesting…
    can we know the final winners…?

  10. Georgia says:

    I won 🙂 Woo Hoo

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