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CTP Teams, XP, Motivating and Marketing

CTP Teams, XP, Motivating and Marketing

Yesterday I wrote an epic blog post on motivation – well epic in the sense that it was very long. As a result I got some really epic replies – this time epic in the sense that they were awesome.

There were a huge range of views and opinions on motivation covering everything from how offering incentives can drive some people to take action and yet have the opposite effect on other people.

I would definitely check out all the comments on yesterday’s post if you have not done so already.

But here is one that really stood out for me because it gets to the very essence of how introducing the right offer can be just the push required to turn a potential customer into an actual customer.

Motivation and CTP Teams

Here are the main points from this comment:

  • Keith was looking to join TrafficRUs for some time but for whatever reason he did not have the final push to do so.
  • Seeing that TrafficRUs was to host the Daily Challenge gave him his motivation to join.
  • However seeing that in addition to this, there were now CTP XP on the table, this gave him the motivation to join AND upgrade

This is extrinsic motivation in action – i.e. that motivation that comes from some external influence (in this case CTP XP)

Well done to Keith for being motivated to take the action he did and well done to Walter Mulder for offering the correct incentive in the first place.

Coming up.

“Why Walter Says Offering XP To Customers Is Here To Stay…”

14 responses to “CTP Teams, XP, Motivating and Marketing”

  1. I like it when the daily challenge not only gives you xp for tiers but then someone goes above and gives extra for upgrading. Now that is what I call motivation.

  2. Raj G says:


    Motivation must have a win-win situation on both sides…
    Keith explains that to the point with his own example…

    Keep Surfing :: Remain Motivated!

    ~ Raj

  3. jre says:

    A few shots of us from last weeks gig at Lucky 13 Garage… Big love to the lads from The Hard Rock Show for putting it all together!!!

  4. Sig says:

    Motivation must be there to run a business and to earn in any business… So a little push now and then wouldnt hurt..

    Success to all

  5. Epic replies to an epic post indeed, on an epic day!

    It’s good to read feedback from customers like Keith, Ken and others in the comment section. I value their opinion very highly.
    Good to read that to some offering the bonus XP were the final push.

    At the same time I hope that my products deliver the value and sell themselves. I see offering XP a token as appreciation and I thank everyone who bought something during the daily challenge yesterday!

  6. R. Van Sky says:

    It seems motivation makes the world go around. Something that drives you to a goal makes you want to succeed, buy a product, win a race. The list goes on. The goal is a huge part of motivation in my book.

  7. Stephen Whittle says:

    A little push never hurt anyone….

  8. Virginia says:

    Now to test how well this can work for selling jewelry while opening up shipping to Canada and the UK. I mean, with all the surfing, surely someone isn’t getting their needs met ;).

  9. Again, I agree that depending on whom you are marketing to, this addition of giveaway XP can be the extra little push people need to get over the hump of deciding whether or not to join/upgrade a program…

  10. Karen Kuty says:

    You never really know what will push people from “lookers” to “buyers”–sometimes it’s an extra incentive, like XP. That’s why a lot of companies have a variety of coupon codes (incentives) available online to motivate purchases–free shipping, a percentage discount, free gift with purchase, or a set monetary discount (for example $10 off $50).

    It’s all good. Rewarding customers the way they want to be rewarded is always a winner.

  11. Anton Parvov says:

    Now that is what I call motivation.

  12. Patricia Dean says:


    Looks like all are working well together

  13. The psychology that goes into a person’s buying decision is fascinating. There are so many factors to consider and even the person considering whether or not to buy may not be consciously aware of all the different influences.

  14. Gary Calvert II says:

    Good going to Keith and Walter. Keith got the CTP XP and an upgrade at a great TE, and Walter along with Keith’s referrer got paid.

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