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Sweeva Surf Party In Pictures

Sweeva Surf Party In Pictures

The clever splash pages just keep on coming and it is good to see so many of the pages from the Sweeva Surf Party shown throughout many of the other leading traffic exchanges too.

Here are a selection of pages which stood out at last week’s Sweeva Surf Party. You will need your speakers working to get the best out of many off the pages highlighted this week.


Ooops splash page by SurfAholics Alpha

What could it all mean? This page sounds as interesting as it looks. If you have not heard it for yourself then click on the page to find out. I can see how this page would go down well with the SurfAholics Alpha team but might give the Ubers somewhat of a sinking feeling in the pit of their stomachs perhaps.

We Love You Too

Loved up Alphas splash page

What is it with the Alphas and their musical pages? Here is another one for all those romantics out there.

Here Comes The Money

here comes the money splash page from CSN

OK this is only a small part of the full splash page which actually took up the whole of my screen – so click on the image to get the full page.

Scott Rohn and CSN are also getting into the musical splash page theme here. This was the most catchy tune of the Sweeva Surf Party, made me smile every time it came up.

Bigger Boat

Biger Boat splash page by Uber Surfers

The Ubers showed that they were more than willing to take on rivals Alphas when it comes to funny splash pages.

This was another huge splash page and only part of it is shown here so if you want to see the Uber’s punchline then you will need to click on the image to see the original page.

Kore4  – TERL

Kore4 TERL splash page

This was actually one of Jon’s favorite pages of the Surf Party and I can totally see why. If this page contained the same information but used different fonts and/or different colors it may not have worked nearly so well.

So many people forget that the overall look of the page is as important (of not more important) as the message being conveyed.

I liked this page a lot too.

Team Bee

Team Bee splash page

I suppose it would not be a Sweeva Surf Party without at least one reference to Unicorns and farting…this time the honors went to the Strays Team Bee.

And finally…

Cook down Kore4 splash page by Norbert Ladner

The Sweeva Surf Party would not be complete without the eye-catching designs of Norbert Ladner from CTP Renegades. This time, with the weather getting warmer, a nice way to cool down was on offer.

Don’t forget there is no Sweeva Surf Party today as Jon is taking a short break in Vegas this week.

4 responses to “Sweeva Surf Party In Pictures”

  1. Howard Fullmer says:

    great splashes great fun 🙂

  2. Sig says:

    Indeed its Fun at the Party!

    And its fun with BIG BOATS 😀

  3. Yet again, another demonstration of the creative minds and fingers that the community has, well done folks, and thanks for sharing

  4. Barbara Serrano says:

    An applause to all the surfers splashes. All look good! Great surfers, great minds.

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