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Welcome To Season Three, Week Three At CTP Teams

Welcome To Season Three, Week Three At CTP Teams

We are into Week Three at CTP Teams and the numbers are looking good. The Seasonal Standings show that every single team has at least one point on the board which means that every team is taking part in the contest.

There is serious competition between teams in every division as players realise that their efforts really can make a difference this time round.

So now two weekly wins for SurfAholics Alphas in the Legacy Hits Division means that four other teams have to work super hard if they are to overtake them.

However their performance has absolutely no impact on any of the other divisions and teams can win or lose within their divisions based on their own performances.

So what do the early tables show?

The Legacy Division is the most stable so far…

1 o (1) SurfAholics – Alpha (25/25) 10
2 o (2) Lucky 13 (25/25) 8
3 o (3) UBER SURFERS (24/25) 6
4 o (4) WealthBuilders (25/25) 4
5 o (5) The Cash Surfing Network (24/25) 2

The teams finished the first two weeks in exactly the same positions so it will be interesting to see whether they will settle into the same routine for three weeks in a row. That would certainly suit the Alphas but the other teams in this division will want things to change.

In the Pharaoh’s Army Division it is not the same picture.

1 o (1) Renegades (23/25) 10
2 +1 (3) Strays Team Bee (25/25) 7
3 -1 (2) Dream Team (25/25) 6
4 o (4) BEGINNERS and WINNERS (23/25) 5
5 o (5) In To Win (23/25) 2

While Renegades have won for two weeks in a row, Strays Team Bee swapped positions with Dream Team and this is going to be a very competitive division indeed by the looks of things.

Things are a little closer in the Ragin’ Redneck Division.

1 +1 (2) Living Wealthy (23/25) 9
2 -1 (1) Ultimate Surf Warriors (22/25) 9
3 o (3) Adkreator (25/25) 5
4 o (4) Surf Lovers (25/25) 5
5 o (5) The Strays (15/20) 2

There is nothing to separate Living Wealthy and Ultimate Surf Warriors at the top while both AdKreator and Surf Lovers have the same amount of season points too. The Strays are still finding this division a little tough but there is still lots of time for them to shine.

Over at the SiteXplosion Division there is also a very intense competition going on.

1 o (1) Hunters (21/25) 10
2 +1 (3) The Badge Seekers (8/10) 6
3 -1 (2) Lucky 13 Too (14/25) 6
4 o (4) WealthBuilders 2.0 (7/20) 6
5 o (5) Dark Clickers (14/15) 2

Right now Hunters are the most highly skilled at hunting down team points but nothing separates the next three teams as Badge Seekers, Lucky 13 Too and WealthBuilders 2.0 all have six points a piece. Dark Clickers will need to click some more to have an impact on this division.

In the G PowerSurf Division it is another story again.

1 +1 (2) Team Wealthy (4/20) 9
2 -1 (1) Riders on the Storm (14/25) 8
3 o (3) Anime Art (19/25) 7
4 o (4) Affiliate Prosperity (15/15) 4
5 o (5) Dynamite Surfers (9/15) 2

Team Wealthy have a one point lead over Riders on the Storm who, in turn, have a one point lead over Anime Art. They are making it difficult for the bottom two teams to move higher but this is a long season and teams may find their early advantage being eroded as other teams switch tactics and start playing harder.

At the Wealth Builder Division we see a very similar points pattern to that of the SiteXplosion Division.

1 +1 (2) Surf to Earn (18/20) 9
2 +2 (4) Indulge Yourself (15/20) 6
3 o (3) SurfAholics – Bravo (12/25) 6
4 -3 (1) Easy Team (13/25) 6
5 o (5) BAD Surfers (15/15) 3

Surf to Earn are in the lead with nine points but the next three teams all have six points and Bad Surfers have three at the foot of the table.

The Cup of Traffic Division shows the most variation, which given the potentially unlimited numbers of teams it contains, explains why.

Here winning a week can make all the difference to the points and every team still has everything to play for. OfOnePlusOne are in the lead after a consistently good start but they are by no means safe at the top. Consistency over time is the key for CTP Teams and this applies right through the entire contest.

Welcome to Week Three and have fun.

9 responses to “Welcome To Season Three, Week Three At CTP Teams”

  1. Marye says:

    WTG to all the Winners! We’re off to an AWEsome start with a lot of time for all the Teams to make a great showing.

  2. Gary Calvert II says:

    Very informative post, P. Thank you, and go teams! 🙂

  3. Evelyn Kramer says:

    This is Fun. We are staring down at 3rd place. Sounds crazy I know. 3rd place ooohhh! Mediocre right?

    Not in this super Legacy Division.
    The best, most competitive players are here and there is nothing mediocre about the XP numbers we crank out even just the first day!

    Good luck to everyone. Get to know one another, and have fun.
    I promise you will be rewarded for it.

  4. I have a crazy idea but hear me out. The Season 3 is six months long. How about a mid-season “All-Star Week” with 25 players from each division competing (for example Legacy All Star Team with top 5 players from EACH of the Legacy division teams, ect.) Wouldn’t it be kind of neat for the members of each division to be able kind of root for their fellow All Stars (at least for One week) 🙂 ?

  5. Sig says:

    Best of luck to all, in all Divisions.

    Lets make a lot of fun out of this.


  6. John Brewer says:

    Very cool stuff. It makes everything much more interesting now that we have the divisions.

    Good luck to everyone, and let’s remember to not take ourselves too seriously and have some fun.

    At the same time let us also realize the wealth of opportunity that we all have to network and develop our presence in the Internet Marketing world by slicing through the bull crap and being the best we can be by working our buns off.

    The question dude asks:

    Are We Ready To Give It A Better Shot Than We Ever Have?

  7. Thanks for the updates to the teams positions,
    I love stats and these are very informative

  8. It’s been a close race! WTG everyone.

  9. Karen Kuty says:

    Congratulations to all of the winners! Congratulations to all of the players!

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