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CTP Teams makes surfing “more fun than it’s ever been”

CTP Teams makes surfing “more fun than it’s ever been”

It is time that there was a CTP Teams post written by…YOU. Especially after my last post was so long, I thought this post could be written by you in the comments.

So here goes. In the comments answer this question…

“Thanks to CTP Teams…”

This post was inspired by a blog post where Nick Grimshawe told how CTP Teams had made “…surfing a lot more fun than its ever been.”

Nick Grimshawe blog screenshotSo over to you guys. Fill in the blank…”Thanks to CTP Teams…”

40 responses to “CTP Teams makes surfing “more fun than it’s ever been””

  1. Thanks to CTP Teams… that already pushed me to get 1000 surf badges at several TE’s that i even never thought to get them 😀

  2. Does my comment mean I’ve all ready filled in the blank Patrick?

    Having the team beside you, figurative and literally at times, just has a bigger impact than solo surfing.


  3. charlotte ericson says:

    I have never before been so motivated to surf. It is more fun now with the daily challenges.

  4. Jon Olson says:

    Such a win! Nick pretty much rocks and that post he made was so on point. I’m thinking this is going to become the ‘Summer of the Surf’ 😉

  5. LOL Jon …yeah next would be “Thanks to CTP Teams…for destroying my summer with family ..lmao
    No…really…its great fun and Thanks to CTP Teams…I grow my network all over 😉

  6. And the fall/autumn 😉

  7. Evelyn Kramer says:

    Yeah I actually feel guilty for taking my Birthday off. A big fat red blotch in my CTP calender.
    It’s madness!

    Hee Hee Hee

  8. Boris says:

    …I got to achieve a goal of mine. When Tom announced that he started his own team I knew that I’m just a few clicks away from achieving that goal. I finally got to work with mister Wacker an I knew that Sunny will also be around. What I didn’t know at that time is that I’ll also get to meet other great people and have so much fun. So thanks TT guys for this great opportunity and more importantly… Thanks Lucky 13 for letting me share in this great adventure. You guys ROCK!!!

  9. Stephen Whittle says:

    I actually have a blog entry coming out tomorrow (6/26) about an experience where I had fun with one of my teammates while surfing one of the challenges. Look for it on Twitter.

  10. Gary says:

    Thanks to CTP Team I have fund the fun of surfing again. It really pushes me to surf a lot more then I used to.

  11. Selya Rollins says:

    …I check the daily challenge before checking my email.

  12. Samantha Ownby says:

    Thanks to CTP Teams….that with the daily challenges I am joining and surfing traffic exchanges I that I normally would not take a second glance at. Doing the daily challenge is helping my team and I am adding new resources for promting my business.

  13. There are definitely more people surfing the airwaves 🙂

  14. Thanks to CTP teams I have not only learned a lot about internet marketing but I have made friends. People who know what they are doing and are not afraid to help us newbies in on their secrets. That is what a team is supposed to be like. Working together towards the same goal. Helping those on your team better themselves. I am grateful to have stumbled upon CTP.

  15. Thanks to CTP teams for getting everyone excited, and getting traffic FLYING! Its always fun to log in and try to figure out how to make it to the next Position…

  16. Lynn M says:

    Having been in the old days a non-surfer who didn’t much like surfing and surfed as little as possible…. to going to someone who was kinda enjoying surfing again thanks to CTP…. and now coming full circle to REALLY digging surfing every day thanks to CTP Teams…. yeah. Good stuff.

  17. Sig says:

    Thanks to CTP teams…we reach even more people, I do believe.

    Good for social and good for business….?!?! 🙂

  18. wolff2001 says:

    Thanks to CTP Teams…I have joined some awesome programs that I never would have joined. I have learned a lot in the process and make much greater use of the time I spend online. I know now where the greatest number of people are going to be on any given day.

  19. I enjoy seeing the activity in the chat during daily challenge its good to see all the surfers representing there teams

  20. Glenn Witmer says:

    Not only am I having more fun…I’m leveling up every almost daily

  21. Raj G says:

    Nick has put in the current happenings in a well presented manner….
    Cheers! ~ Raj

  22. Karen Kuty says:

    Thanks to CTP Teams, I have met and connected with a lot more people and rediscovered the joy of social surfing.

  23. Jon says:

    Thanks to CTP teams, I now get 2 hours sleep a night rather than my standard 3 😉

  24. Bud says:

    Thanks to CTP Teams…. I’m surfing more now than I ever have. I had less than 8,000 badges before joining The C.T.P Renegades. I now have over 10,000. I have upgraded to K4 and log in to CTP several times a day. I love it!!! Thanks TimTech now I don’t have a life. lol Just kidding

  25. Mandy Moomy says:

    Thanks to CTP Teams, I’ve met a lot of new people and connected with them and continue to learn with CTP – go TeamBonz! 🙂

  26. John Brewer says:

    Thanks to CTP Teams… I have come to realize how wonderful, fun and also how important networking can be.

    Being on a team gives one the opportunity to surround ourselves with people who have a different skill set than we do. It is truly amazing the talents and abilities folks have!

    AAlso, being on a team makes it harder to give up. When we surf and do business alone then there may come a point when we don’t see any tangible results and give up. Not so on a team. On a team we not only learn from each other’s successes, but also from our failures.

    Not everyone actively participates in surf chat, and even fewer folks attend TELive. Therefore, being on a CTP team can be a real blessing and motivator.

    Lucky 13 is not only “the team that never sleeps,” but we are also a small community of folks who truly take a personal interest in each other.

    That and more is why I am thankful for CTP teams!

  27. THOMAS GERHOLD says:

    It is a great deal of fun take a lot of the bore out of surfing ends hours and even more time a person have to spend making and getting there game plan for each ad and ads , program they own or are getting a down line to ass so i have found with in your team you can get great first hand input on many many thing witch i fine to be priceless

  28. Marye says:

    Thanks to CTP teams I surf more than ever 🙂 and I have discovered the fun in social surfing

  29. Thanks to CTP Teams I am more open to discussions,strategies and solving issues.
    Thanks to CTP Teams I understand that each member has his part in the whole picture and each one can make the difference between a win or a loss.

  30. I love the teams concept. I have gotten to know a gaggle of folks I would never have known and I would have missed out on a chance to grow and expand my knowledge base folks from other countries and cultures are not much different than me; they all love the challenges they all love their teammates and would do anything they could for them. We are all members of a very large and caring family.

  31. Wow! (I hope I can get away with just one word after reading all the comments) Wow.


  32. Georgia says:

    Thanks to CTP Teams …. I have quit lurking in the shadows and am taking part in the chat – and, not just the team chat. It is a blast meeting new people and I learn something new every day.

    Nick’s blog post was excellent and I agree with his points 100%.

    WTG everyone.


  33. It is great having the incentives. I look for the badges and am disappointed if they do no show up when I expect them. I Love the team I am on and like the way we work things out and care about each others feelings. As my father-in-law used to say: “It is a great life if you don’t weaken.” I wish everyone the best. Don’t forget to “bloom where you are planted.

  34. So true. CTP Teams makes surfing more fun than ever before. It made me a heavy surfer again. I remember that a few years ago I wanted to get a high ranking in startxchange. Now I want to be in the top 10 of my team and help my team to stay in the premier league.

  35. Virginia says:

    Thanks to CTP Teams, I’ve been neglecting important business tasks. Oops.

  36. Thanks to CTP Teams, I am definitely surfing more than I ever had in the whole time I have been with CTP…

    Most of it comes from being part of a team, and helping this team achieve our goals for the week! Don’t want to let the team down, so I find time to do the challenges, nerd surf, and collect keys for the vaults…

    Also, I have explored so many more TE’s that I may have never looked at before this concept.

  37. Anton Parvov says:

    Thanks to CTP Teams!

  38. Patricia Dean says:

    Thanks to the team, I have surfed more than ever, LOLOL, still nothing compared to people who go crazy with surfing, and I have met new people, and gotten to know others better.

  39. Gary Calvert II says:

    Thanks to CTP Teams, I’ve became a lot closer to the folks on my team, I’m still not back online full time yet, and don’t plan to be again for a long time, but I am doing part-time work online again after completely quitting for a while.

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