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Sweeva Surf Party In Pictures

Sweeva Surf Party In Pictures

The Sweeva Surf Party is almost upon us once again…it happens at 4pm Eastern today in the TELive room.

So this would be a good time to remind you of some of the the most eye-catching pages from last week’s event.

SAA Member Spotlights

SAA Member Spotlight splash page

SurfAholics Alpha did something interesting. Not only did they come joint first in the team event, they also showed a series of splash pages including interesting facts about their members. The page above features Sabrina Traversa but there were many more shown.

We Fart XP

SAA splash page We Fart XP

Ah those Alphas and their fascination with Unicorns and farting. I still haven’t got to the bottom of that one if you excuse the pun.

Meet An Uber Surfer

Meet an Uber Surfer splash page

Not to be outdone Uber Surfers wanted people to get to know their members too. I like these team pages promoting individual members.

SSC Logo

Lucky 13 splash page promoting SSC

A very nice page from Lucky 13 promoting the Sunshine Surf Club. Very visually striking graphics.

Cute Pug

Cute Pug splash page for the Sweeva Surf Party

Boris used this animated pug graphic and an exclusive award of XP for Surf Party viewers to make his offer. Very clever and a great way to use the unique hour of the advertising week on Sweeva.

Blank Page

Blank page splash page

Minimalist stuff here from Aaron Green.

Unicorn Hunting

Uber Surfers Season Three Splash Page

Another Ubers page and another team picking up on the unicorns and farts fixation with some members of CTP Teams.

Sweeva Surf Party

CTP Renegades promotes the Sweeva Surf Party splash page

And finally, this post would not be complete without a page from Norbert Ladner. This is a timely reminded that the Sweeva Surf Party is almost with us again. See you at 4pm Eastern for some more. Be there.

8 responses to “Sweeva Surf Party In Pictures”

  1. James Bain says:

    Nice Ads

  2. Howard Fullmer says:

    I like the one about the beans 🙂

  3. Kathy Dyer says:

    I love Sweeva Surf Party splashes! Well done everyone!

  4. Karen Kuty says:

    It’s always great to see what I’ve missed.

  5. some mighty fine promos there, looks like people are starting to really step it up a notch

  6. Raj G says:

    Oh! Great Innovative Presentation by all… cheers!

  7. Aaron Green says:

    Everyone of these splash and squeeze pages are Great. Thanks for the support all. Have a Great Weekend.

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