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Motivation Is The Push Required To Get People To Take Action

Motivation Is The Push Required To Get People To Take Action

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Virginia posed a great question in a comment on this blog yesterday when it came to motivating people to take action. She asked: “…how much XP is enough xp to motivate people?”

The question came in response to the move by TimTech to open up access to experience points to everybody as a means of motivating potential customers, subscribers or downline members to take up your offer.

So let’s talk briefly about motivation. Motivation may be thought of that extra little push that is required to get us to do something which we otherwise might not do.

Sometimes we want to do something or know that we really should do something but we just cannot find the motivation within ourselves to do it on our own.

For example maybe we know what we should exercise more, eat less fatty foods and stop smoking but we lack the motivation to do anything about any of the three things. Maybe a serious health scare which puts us in hospital followed by a stern lecture from a doctor that we need to change our lifestyle may be the additional motivation for us to take action.

Admittedly that is an extreme example but, at its simplest, motivation is simply that additional input that is required in order to get us to take some action we might not otherwise take.

Here are four ways in which motivation may be helpful:

  1. as an incentive – this could be a bonus for getting a task done on time or an offer of CTP experience points for joining or upgrading in a program
  2. fear of failure – this could be where you face a penalty for not getting the task done such as incurring the displeasure of your boss for failing to meet a project deadline or a financial penalty for allowing a project to over-run
  3. personal favor – here your motivation for acting in a certain way is in order to help or please someone else. It would mean a lot to someone else if you act in a certain way or perform a certain task in a certain way.
  4. sense of responsibility – this could apply if you are part of a team and the whole team would be let down if you fail to perform.

So how many XP is enough?

Well there is no magic formula here – it is a matter of trial and error. With any offer there are probably going to be three categories of people:

  1. those who will not take up the offer no matter what
  2. those who will take up the offer if they can be convinced to do so
  3. those who will take up the offer no matter what

The first group are impossible to reach – forget them. The last group are yours already – they are awesome. The middle group are the ones you need to go after.

You are really looking for the following reaction: “Wow that is a fantastic offer. I can’t miss out on this. I am going to grab it now before they change their mind.”

In the end whatever you decide to do you are looking for a “win-win” situation. So using Walter Mulder as an example again…he spent $20 on XP and this brought him in more than $300 in sales within hours…so clearly this is a win for him. His new customers got to join or upgrade in a pretty awesome program and found themselves getting a very nice bonus into the bargain just for doing so…clearly this is a win for them too.

What do you think? When it comes to XP how much would be enough to give you the extra push to take action?



41 responses to “Motivation Is The Push Required To Get People To Take Action”

  1. Georgia says:

    I think of motivation as coming from within yourself. Giving out XP is more of an enticement to make an offer more appealing. The more XP the better πŸ™‚

  2. Joao Ramos says:

    Who needs XP to be motivated?!
    To be a member of Lucky13 is motivation enough.
    I can only speek for myself, but there’s no XP enough to give more motivation than the one i have. I have a personal goal, and to achieve that goal is where i will get my motivation.

  3. Very interesting question and a good post. Not sure I have any thing to say about this right at the moment. It’s something I have to go away and think about.


  4. Kris Rogers says:

    I think the XP is an added bonus. I don’t usually join a site unless its a site I was going to join anyway and Im just doing this now rather than later because of the extra XP!

  5. Wayne D. says:

    In my opinion, it is not the XP that is motivating people as it is the competitive nature we all possess within us and the potential earnings / prizes that can be won by surfing for that XP.

  6. Patricia Hedge says:

    A very thought provoking post! Hard to say if getting xp will motivate those that are not motivated. Could be that more than a few folks will get used.

  7. Interesting – TrafficRUs was on my radar to join for a while – when I saw it was going to host the daily challenge that was my motivation to join……but wait! I saw that Walter had bought XPs to give away ……so I waited a little longer to find out what the deal was……So the offer of XPs for signing up and taking a very moderately priced upgrade was the final push I needed!

  8. Wendy says:

    A way to find “how much” is to calculate the ratio between “money purchased + item value” and “XP giveaways” provide by others.
    But the hard thing is about estimated item value. It varies by person and extra incentive (come from CTP events). So I think the best way is what Patrick says, trial and error. Market will tell you the price.

  9. I rate living life higher than earning XP that is not my priority in life.
    Yes nice incentive if it gets your team to the top but then what? life must go on and once again XP dosn’t do that.
    But to the ones who place such a high value on earning XP good luck.
    I’ll be down at the beach or shops or even maybe having a holiday which XP didn’t supply.

  10. Selya Rollins says:

    You want the right amount of XP to reach your goal, you already have your motivation.

  11. charlotte ericson says:

    It’s the challenges that motivates me, not the xp I get for surfing etc
    As Wayne said, it is in our nature to compete.

  12. Stephen Whittle says:

    A little motivation never hurt anyone. That’s why I love the daily challenges so much.

  13. It shouldn’t revolve around xp points although they are important to the teams standings. But this program is offering so much more than a top spot on the team ranking list. It is all about affiliate marketing. Finding a product or service that you believe enough in to refer it to others. If you only focus on xp points you are missing out on a great opportunity to make a real income at home. But it goes without saying there is never enough we always want more.

  14. Great post.. I always struggle with adding value.. I know so much about the Internet Marketing industry but sometimes I assume so does everyone.. What i have learned is most people know little to nothing so anything is usually a benefit!

  15. Tony says:

    I agree with Joao Ramos Who needs XP to be motivated?!
    To be a member of Lucky13 is motivation enough.

  16. Sig says:


    ….and some interesting comments on this one πŸ™‚

  17. Great Post and comments

  18. Glenn Witmer says:

    How much is always going to be different for everyone … try 1 if it doesn’t work change it

  19. Raj G says:

    As far as my observation goes, Motivation is an in-build quality that is inherent within individuals to do a particular set of actions for which they are inclined to.

    As an example, a die-hard highly motivated footballer would try to achieve more and more even when you do not announce or provide any incentive… it’s in their blood and mind to do better and better continuously,

    However, when you acknowledge that effort, then some of those out of the second in line performers may put in that extra bit to get recognition. But those who are way behind, its rare that they suddenly jump up to garb that extra incentive…!

    Thus, no one is going to achieve something even if you offer a fat incentive, unless they themselves decide from within what they want to achieve.

    But those other guys might be well motivated to do something else (like say swimming) which they would do much better, of their own, even without any incentive to motivate.

    Now, as regards how much incentive, I feel it has to be continuously analyzed with results achieved. Even a high incentive might not bring in desired results, if participants are reluctant.

    Of course, Virginia has a great point, as this is an important topic to study human being, as well as, animal behavior, in general.

    In fact, I find some very interesting comments over here on the subject.

    ~ Raj

    • Patrick Griffin says:

      Excellent reply and you make some brilliant points on motivation and how it applies to different types of individuals.
      Thanks so much for posting.

  20. Raj G says:

    please read ‘grab’ instead of garb … thanks!

  21. Karen Kuty says:

    The answer is this: low enough to prompt action at a reasonable price to you but high enough not to offend your customers. It is a matter of trial and error and what the market expects. That is why there is so much testing and surveying done by large companies before they roll out a major ad campaign. And they can still get it horribly wrong (New Coke).

  22. Jon says:

    Good article and plenty of great points made by everyone πŸ™‚

  23. wolff2001 says:

    I was happy to be part of Walters fast profit, but I will be honest with you. I did not do it just for the XP. I did it for a number of reasons. The upgrade in TrafficRus was an excellent value. I made it to tier 5 for the 1st time. I recently discussed the difference between XP and Credits with Jon in a chat. The XP we earn will help the team move up in the competition but credits are more for getting traffic to our sites. Given a choice…I will take Credits over XP, but I was glad to help the team with a lot of XPs yesterday.

  24. Mandy Moomy says:

    XP as incentive and motivation is great – but the crux of the matter for everyone is finances – even if it is the greatest offer in the world if you haven’t got the money you can’t take it up.

  25. I think that a competitive person and a team player will do whatever it takes to earn any amount of Points offered.
    As competitive and team players it is a given we will do what is asked of us for the points, 500 or 5000 makes no difference

  26. Bob Sims says:

    Motivation ?….. The one thing that is on every ones mind is = “What is in it for me” and that will determine what motivates them to take action.

    The amount of XP that a marketer wishes to offer can only be what they deem is a fair offer to either get prospects to take action or to simply award people who have.

    Remember = “Some will, Some won’t, So what,…. – Next”

  27. Marye says:

    Some people will do it no matter what and the XP don’t have to be a large amount – others will do it for a “price”.
    Very good question, and excellent post.

  28. […] would definitely check out all the comments on yesterday’s post if you have not done so […]

  29. I sometimes wonder why I am doing what I do. I still say it is for camaraderie. I love chat. I enjoy the fun of the competition but I am also sometimes feeling this driving need to go to the beach with someone I know (like Rob said so well…Hey Rob, that sounds like fun!!) or go for a bike ride or…. I love life and love people. I enjoy interacting and as a teacher, i was with peeps all the time LOL. I want to have a balanced life and If surfing for points is part of it that is just fine but it will not be all of it.

  30. Interesting and thought provoking blogpost Patrick! I also loved reading the comments. Great thoughts shared in the comments too.

    It’s hard to tell what an right amount of XP is. If there is any…
    “it is a matter of trial and error” indeed. We’re really pionering here and only time will tell.

    Now I see XP as an added bonus and it’s up to each program owner to come up with the right amount that they think is reasonable. If I’d buy I look at the value that is offered in the package and the XP’s are a nice little bonus for something I was already interested in.

  31. Virginia says:

    Good information and comments :).

  32. True, there are several types of people out there, and you have to appeal to the ones who need that extra little push to get over the hump.

  33. Patricia Dean says:

    Comaraderie is my motivation- if it weren’t for the community, I wouldn’t be here.

  34. Brian says:

    That’s right! Motivation is very important. I love all the information and comments. πŸ™‚

  35. Mary Golon says:

    Excellent posts! Thx Ginny and Patrick!

  36. Gary Calvert II says:

    I don’t think XP is what would motivate me to take an upgrade or buy credits somewhere. It’s a nice added bonus, but it’s not gonna make me buy an upgrade from a TE I wouldn’t normally upgrade in. Or to buy advertising from any kind of advertising platform that doesn’t give me the results I desire.

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