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Week Two Is Here So Check Out How You Did Last Week

Week Two Is Here So Check Out How You Did Last Week

So we have all successfully survived the first week of Season Three – that is one down and about 25 more or so to go then.

The reactions to the new-look teams page on CTP has been overwhelmingly positive – the teams are now laid out according to their rankings in their individual divisions so that it is super easy to see how far from the top any team is.

Now that we are into the second week, here is a reminder about the scoring and how you can see how your team is doing over the season as a whole.

At the end of each week – at 11.59.59pm Eastern on Sundays – points are awarded for each of the divisions according to the following formula:

5th place – one point

4th place – two points

3rd place – three points

2nd place – four points

1st place – five points

Check out the new ‘Seasonal Standings” tab on the teams home page to see your team’s points total right now.

Season standings for CTP teams

When you want to see how many points your team has for this current week then just click on the ‘Weekly Standings’ button to be taken back to your current points total.

Note that only the top five teams get points, so the teams which fall outside the top five in the Cup of Traffic division will not get any points for the weeks they finish sixth or lower.

They can still move up and down the division on any given week and if a team with no points this week, finished in the top five next week then they will get points for that week.

The Week One divisional leaders are as follows:

Legacy Hits Division – SurfAholics Alpha

Pharaohs Army Division – Renegades

Ragin’ Redneck Division – Living Wealthy

SiteXplosion Division – Hunters

PowerSurf Divison – Team Wealthy

Wealth Builder Divison – Surf To Earn

Cup of Traffic Division – OfOnePlusOne

It is Week Two of Season Three and things are looking good.


12 responses to “Week Two Is Here So Check Out How You Did Last Week”

  1. Evelyn Kramer says:

    It is indeed looking Good. Great layout and adds to the challenge.
    Good Job Bill.

  2. Jon says:

    Lovin’ this new formula 🙂

  3. Aaron Green says:

    New Look is Awesome, A lot easier to read and understand.

  4. James Bain says:


  5. Tim Hanson says:

    Way to go everyone. Great week and looking forward to the next Go Uber Surfers caught in a cloud of Unicorn Farts SIG I need your gas mask !!!!!!

  6. This is so cool, being able to see standings and plavements, Loving the work that is being done

  7. Thank you for the thought that has gone into making the layout so much easier to see where each team is placed. Fantastic!

  8. Kathy Dyer says:

    Well done. Easy to see where we stand.
    Thanks for all the hard work.

  9. Bill did an amazing job with the team home page turning it from just a list into a well formatted tool that can be used for planning and strategy.

    I also want to give a big shout out to my team Living Wealthy as we transitioned from the sprint atmosphere of preseason to the marathon of the actual competition they didn’t miss a beat.

    We have more of the team engaged then ever before and each person is concentrating on their strength.

  10. Karen Kuty says:

    The new format is fantastic–so much easier to see what is important to me and my team.

    Congratulations to all of the winning teams this week.

    Go Living Wealthy!

  11. Raj G says:

    Anything is possible…!!!

  12. Barbara Serrano says:

    Congratulations to all the good players in CTP. Job well done.

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