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Former SurfAholics Alpha Leader Matt Badura Is Sweeva Surf Party Special Guest

Former SurfAholics Alpha Leader Matt Badura Is Sweeva Surf Party Special Guest

Matt Badura is special guest at the Sweeva Surf Party

Former Alphas leader Matt Badura was a special surprise guest at yesterday’s Sweeva Surf Party.

He braved assorted hounds – of the oven variety and otherwise – to enter the heart of TimTech’s Canadian operation and then had to watch as CSN stopped SurfAholics Alpha from getting their third outright teams splash pages victory in a row. (But more of that later.)

Matt also introduced a new twist to yesterday’s proceedings…he asked viewers to nominate their favorite splash page on Twitter using the hashtag #SweevaSurfParty. Jon and Matt then chose two winners at random and Hunters leader Valentin Mavrodin and WealthBuilders leader Evelyn Kramer both winning CTP teams branded t-shirts.

It was another really intense battle, both for the individual pages and the team pages.

The Alphas started out really strongly and dominated the first 15 minutes but they soon faced a strong challenge from both Renegades and CSN. It was these teams which were to dominate the contest and, as often happens with the Sweeva Surf Party, the team winners were not decided until the very last page.

CSN piled on the pressure to the very end and with just 60 seconds left in the contest the Alphas and CSN were level on points. Both teams needed the next page and it was the Alphas who got it.

Had they gone with a 60 second timer they would have frozen CSN out but they chose 30 seconds leaving their rivals with a chance, which they happily took and this caused both teams to tie for first place.

The teams winners were:

=1. SurfAholics Alpha and CSN

2. Renegades

3. Lucky 13.

The individual contest was equally intense with eight people sharing the winnings as follows:

=1. John Novak, Carl Belcher, Ken Locatelli.

=2. Scott Rohn, Norbert Ladner, Monica Wilson.

=3. David McKay, Terry Allison.

And finally there was even a guest appearance from the Lucky 13 branded mug which Lynn sent Jon to add to his mug collection.

Sadly I was not able to get a screengrab of the mug from the Surf Party but here it is after it arrived at Jon’s house.

6 responses to “Former SurfAholics Alpha Leader Matt Badura Is Sweeva Surf Party Special Guest”

  1. Kendra Morgan says:

    It was a really good showing at yesterday’s SSP.

  2. Kathy Dyer says:

    SSP is always intense and enjoyable! Thanks guys!

  3. Great surf party! Always a great time with outstanding people and so much to learn!

  4. Its always good to see Matt on cam and that lucky 13 mug is a definate winner ::)

  5. Marye says:

    I hear the parties are great – unfortunately my outside job keeps me away from attending – but always great to hear what happened

  6. Raj G says:

    it must have been a session of enjoyment…!!!

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