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Robert Arnold Spices Up Season Three With $1,000 Cash Prize Contest

Robert Arnold Spices Up Season Three With $1,000 Cash Prize Contest

Robert Arnold Mega Flag Grab splash page

CTP Teams Ragin’ Redneck Division sponsor by Robert Arnold has just added a whole new level of excitement to Season Three.

To coincide with the new season, Robert has announced that $1,000 in cash is up for grabs at his Mega Flag Grab contest at TE Racing League.

His contest runs for the entire length of Season Three, that is a full six months, and to win you have to collect as many flag tickets as you can, so this is a marathon not a sprint.

Robert said in an email to his TERacing League subscribers: “Because this is taking place during CTP Season 3, the XP on Find the Flags has been boosted. There will be more XP in the weekly XP Pool. Each time a ticket is claimed, more XP will be added to the pool. All you have to do, is go find the flags. That’s it. Claim as many as you can over 6 months, and you could see some CASH CASH CASH!!!!”

Robert Arnold TE Racing League Mega Flag Grab leaderboard

This is a great example of  a leading member of the TE community taking action for the benefit of all.

Season Three is a full six months. I wonder how many other new leaders might emerge during that time.

Could one of them be you?

10 responses to “Robert Arnold Spices Up Season Three With $1,000 Cash Prize Contest”

  1. Kelvin Ross says:

    What a great incentive to collect flags.

  2. Kathy Dyer says:

    Cool idea! Will get me surfing more at TERL.

  3. Kendra Morgan says:

    It’s gonna be an awesome season! Added incentive to surf one of my favorite sites!

  4. Tom Wacker says:

    Robert has it GOING. What a great promo that lasts the whole season…

  5. James Bain says:

    Looks like something worth surfing for.

  6. Maya says:

    That is a really nice new challenge!

  7. Karen Kuty says:

    Great incentive!

  8. Howard Fullmer says:

    Awesome Uber Boss Kendra is the top of the leader board woohoo 🙂

  9. Marye says:

    Wave some flags in my direction! LOL…great incentive program Robert 🙂

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