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Where Does Your Team Rank With Just Days To Go To Secure Rankings

Where Does Your Team Rank With Just Days To Go To Secure Rankings

I have found my color coding crayons once again so this can mean only one thing…time to take another look at the team table.

CTP Teams standings S3 pre-season W2 D2

Apologies for my less than totally straight lines but we can see some movement in the table since last week.

So here is how things look now if the new season started right now:

SurfAholics Alpha would lead the Legacy Hits Division

Beginners And Winners would lead the Pharaohs Army Division

In To Win would lead the Ragin’ Redneck Division

Surf Lovers would lead the SiteXplosion Division

The OutKasts* would lead the GPowerSurf Division (when the season starts OutKasts will be in the lowest division and will not be even able to win that one.)

Surf to Earn would lead the Wealth Builder Division and

Bad Surfers would lead the Cup of Traffic Division

The top five leading teams are the same but the last two divisions have new leaders with both Surf to Earn and Bad Surfers having dropped down a division since last week.

If anything this week is even more important than the last as there are just mere days remaining to lock into the division for the entire Season Three.

And with a guaranteed $5,000 in cash up for grabs, it is well worth making the extra effort now to get the spot you want.

Good luck and have fun.

13 responses to “Where Does Your Team Rank With Just Days To Go To Secure Rankings”

  1. Birdie says:

    Yay WealthBuilders 2.0 has been holding our position! Go team! W00t! I would rather have no movement than downward movement so we’re strong and we don’t even have a full team!

  2. James Bain says:

    I wonder how many teams are pacing themselves?

    • Jon Olson says:

      I hope not many, it’s in their best interest to get as high as possible….I’m not telling why either πŸ˜‰ just place as high as you can……That’s a nugget!!!! πŸ˜‰

  3. Barbara Serrano says:

    Where the BEE team stands…lol. Just good to see on the top 10.

  4. Adel Elassy says:

    I have some comments based on my experience in season 1 and 2 ,I am afraid pretty long
    1-I need to know the writer of each blog.
    2-The reason of such many divisions in season 3.
    3-For any contest there are terms and rules that control the game and must be fixed through out the whole season.
    4-As we are dealing with TE. contest then I can understand elements of score and play such as DC,vaults ,golden egg,etc to get XP points but difficult to me to understand element of money in the contest like loyalty bonuses ,etc cause in this case CTP is discriminating members and teams into poor and rich,in other words ctp says you are welcomed to plat and compete but to have chance to win toy have something from me and if you buy more your chances will be bigger,I know it is business and good chance for ctp to market its products but it is contest after all,and ctp is strong and stable enough to find other ways for marketing.
    5-In season 2 there are were 2 surprises ,first when SAA team jumped from second to first though the difference was bigger than the first uber team,the second surprise was at the end when difference was again higher between SAA team and UBER the second and within one noght both are equal ,how comes? for every one to be happy?I ask for season 3 to be more clear,clean and even green if you like.

  5. Howard Fullmer says:

    Ubers unite! We are the Ubers mighty mighty Ubers. We are tighter than tights 2 sizes to small. Go Ubers woohoo

  6. Its really interesting to see where they sit and will be even more interesting to see the comparison at the start of the season

  7. Its really interesting to see where they sit

  8. Kathy Dyer says:

    My team looks good in blue! Thanks for the updates Patrick.

  9. Sig says:

    This will be Epric!!

    And some nice colors…one really reminds me of the SEA πŸ™‚

    Success FOLKS!

  10. Karen Kuty says:

    Living Wealthy is up one! Woohoo for us!

    Looking forward to getting started on the competition.

  11. druth8x says:

    Where is Cleopatra?

  12. Team Living Wealthy is really making the push to get into Division 2. We are close, the team ahead of us doesn’t look like it’s just going to give in though. Looks like it will be interesting right up till midnight tomorrow.

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