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Sweeva Surf Party Makes A Triumphant Return For Season Three Of CTP Teams

Sweeva Surf Party Makes A Triumphant Return For Season Three Of CTP Teams

Thursday saw the return of the Sweeva Surf Party where individuals and teams battled it out to show their creativity and earn some valuable XP in the process.

For those of you who are new to the Surf Party is is a great way for CTP Teams members to spend an hour on Thursdays. Not only because it is fun but also because you get the same amount of XP as the amount of credits you bid to get your page shown.

Although this surf party started with very little notice, there was a huge competition right from the outset…and a lot of winners.

It was great so see some excellent and unique splash pages once again…more about those in a future blog post, and it is always thrilling to see the creativity that has come to symbolize the Sweeva Surf Party and those who make it so great.

For the teams SurfAholics Alpha started out strong and very soon had a massive battle with Renegades as both teams fought hard for top spot during the entire hour.

In the end it all went down to the final page seen as the Alphas effectively locked their rivals out with a one minute timer on their last page shown and took first place with just one page view.

CSN came in third after a long battle with Lucky 13 which started off strongly but CSN kept the pressure up right to the end to claim third place.

As far as individuals were concerned there was a massive contest and a record eight people winning XP for getting their pages shown.

This is how it ended:

1. Sabrina Traversa.

= 2. Monica Wilson, Matt Badura, Eric Burgoyne and Scott Rohn

= 3. Boris P, Marian Gurowicz and Kathy Dyer.

For both teams and individuals first place gets 50k xp; second place gets 25k xp and third place gets 10k xp.

We will do it all again next Thursday at 4pm Eastern in the TELive room.

Hope to see you there.


7 responses to “Sweeva Surf Party Makes A Triumphant Return For Season Three Of CTP Teams”

  1. Howard Fullmer says:

    Good job To all the winners.

  2. Boris says:

    Fun as always… Can’t wait for next Thursday 🙂

  3. R. Van Sky says:

    Make sure to bring the chips!

  4. Kathy Dyer says:

    I love the Sweeva Surf Party! Needs cake though 🙂

  5. Its great to see the Sweeva Surf Party come back and with a new and exciting energy.

  6. Barbara Serrano says:

    Good job all clickers….well done.

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