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Some Top Tips To Help You Get The Best Out of CTP and CTP Teams

Some Top Tips To Help You Get The Best Out of CTP and CTP Teams

As we get started with the pre-season for Season Three of CTP Teams, now would be a good time to help new members catch up on what some of the older hands already know.

To the end, we have trawled through all of the posts on this blog and pulled together some of the ones that people might like to read up on.

For each topic there will be a brief description of the subject covered and a link to the original post. So let’s go…

  • Sweeva is a good place to advertise and has proved very popular with CTP Teams – especially for teams competing for XP during the Sweeva Surf Party. Here is how to get your pages shown on Sweeva. How to make a bid on Sweeva.
  • Introducing the CTP Marketplace where you can trade CTP goodies with other members.
  • Who the sponsors are for Season Three of CTP Teams and what division they sponsor.
  • Information about forming or joining a CTP Team, key dates for Season Three and other cool facts you will want to know.
  • Social media…CTP Teams is on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Everything you could ever possibly want to know about TimTech promos…who they are aimed at and how you could benefit.

The next post will explain some of the many varied ways that you can earn XP with CTP Teams and, as ever, Jon will be happy to explain anything more you need to know on TELive every Monday to Thursday at 4pm Eastern.

19 responses to “Some Top Tips To Help You Get The Best Out of CTP and CTP Teams”

  1. What else we can say than ‘brilliant’?! indeed some info can be very hard to catch up…you made it easier to follow.It wouldn’t be a surprise if we see the CTP teams newspaper in the future 😉

  2. Mona says:

    This is an excellent blog post that gave me some answers I had been searching for. It is brilliantly drafted, informative, and drives straight to home base on the most important points made in getting the most out of CTP and CTP Teams.

    I would highly recommend and make a suggestion that everyone share this blog link to everyone they can, affiliates, CTP Team Leaders and TE Owners. Pay it forward and share this information with your entire downline. It is imperative for all the new people coming on board to learn these valuable tips and a refresher for those that may have been doing this for years.

    This entire blog post is a lesson in itself and I intend to pass it on to all my downline today, in CTP and those not in CTP.

    Kudos to the King or should I say Kings! 🙂

    Great work!!!

  3. kathy clouse says:

    thanks Jon, I really needed this. I felt like Helen Keller before, now, I see the light!! You rock!

  4. Thanks for giving a lot of thought to what information members would be looking for. I personally had been hesitant to use the marketplace, I had seen it but wasn’t certain how to go about the whole process. This post has helped enormously. Well done again CTP.

  5. Mary Goble Thomas says:

    It’s awesome to have all this great info in one place – thank you!!!

  6. Kathy Dyer says:

    Well done! Time to rock on with CTP Teams!

  7. Sig says:

    Good one…

    Good info, even for “us” who think we know all… 🙂

    Allways good with reminders…indeed!!

    Recommand this one!

  8. Karen Kuty says:

    Thanks for summarizing the most relevant posts and giving quick links to them. This is super helpful.

  9. Top Tips for tantalizing the top Tippers

  10. Ken Wolff says:

    Save this blog post to your favorites so you can find it when you want to help someone new with a specific issue or guide them through all the points.

  11. great blog Patrick and how ctpteams works.

  12. Barbara Serrano says:

    always nice to hear tips from the giants…lol.

  13. marye says:

    Super Helpful – a definite must read for ALL CTP members

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