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Season Three Is Go…Two Week Pre-Season Campaign Sees Teams Scrambling For Position

Season Three Is Go…Two Week Pre-Season Campaign Sees Teams Scrambling For Position

We are live with CTP Teams Season Three.

So, in case anyone missed the changes, let’s have a quick recap of what’s happening right now.

The old Premier and Competitive Leagues from Seasons One and Two have gone and right now there is only one ‘super league’ of all the teams in CTP Teams.

For the next two weeks the idea is to score as many team points as possible as this will determine how your team is ranked when the main Season Three begins in two weeks time.

When the season starts there will be six divisions of five teams each. Those teams which have earned the most points during these two weeks will be in the top division; the next five teams in the second division and so on.

There will be a ‘catch-all’ division outside the Top 30 teams so that those teams entering the contest late are still in with a chance of winning a prize.

As requested, we were successfully able to unlink the XP awards from badge Kingships for this season while being able to ensure that nobody’s badge kingship award was taken away. XP awards still remain for team-based badge collection so be sure to keep getting those team flags on badges by claiming them more than other teams.

Also, as part of our ‘level playing field’ pledge to everyone, we reset all of the bonus counters (minus the ones where players had purchased bonus XP) at midnight last night and the counters will be reset once again in two weeks time.

Currently Lucky 13 lead the pack behind SurfAholics Alpha and CSN, Renegades head up the next group of five and Hits WorkForce the third.

Ultimate Surf Warriors are the top of the next group, Indulge Yourself head the penultimate group and Dark Clickers the final group and Roar is the team which leads what will be the ‘catch-all’ division when the main season begins in two weeks time.

Finally all of the divisions are named after the Season Three sponsors and this will kick in when the main season starts.

Don’t forget that if you have any questions, comments or queries, that CTP Teams will be a big topic of conversation on Jon Olson’s TELive today at 4pm Eastern.

Enjoy Season Three and have fun with CTP Teams.

5 responses to “Season Three Is Go…Two Week Pre-Season Campaign Sees Teams Scrambling For Position”

  1. Howard Fullmer says:

    We are the Ubers mighty mighty Ubers.
    ubers unite!!!!!

  2. Kathy Clouse says:

    Go Go Go AdKreator Go…we Rock we Roll we will be big!!!

  3. Barbara Serrano says:

    I have to run..lol.

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