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Everything You Need To Know About CTP Teams Ahead Of Season Three

Everything You Need To Know About CTP Teams Ahead Of Season Three


With Season 3 of CTP Teams almost upon us, this would be a good opportunity to explain all you need to know about the competition.

CTP Teams is open to every member of CTP to take part in, regardless of your background or experience.

Joining a team:

There are two ways to get yourself on a team.

1. Join an existing team. Some teams are open – you can simply join right away. Some are full and others require approval by the team leader before accepting new members.

2. Start your own team.  You will need to be a Kore4 member to start and lead a team as this is one of the exclusive benefits of our ultimate upgrade. This means you must continue with your Kore4 membership for as long as you want the team to remain active. If you downgrade from Kore4 then your team will be disbanded unless you can find a non Kore4 member to upgrade in your place and become team leader. If you do downgrade from Kore4 we will notify you and explain the options open to you.

Team size:

When a new team is started it is limited to five members. For each additional Kore4 member on the team, the team size increases by five members up to a total of 25 team members.

1 x K4 = 5

2 x K4 = 10

3 x K4 = 15

4 x K4 = 20

5+ x K4 = 25

Season Three:

– There will be 6 competitive divisions and a 7th for all remaining teams.

– Each of the top 6 divisions will have 5 teams in each, the winning team from each division will win a cash prize

– All remaining teams will be placed in the ‘catch all’ Division 7 and there will be a prize for the winner of that division.

– There will be a minimum of $5000 in real cash prizes and Season 3 will begin on Monday April 6 at 00.00.01 Eastern – ie immediately after the end of the two-week pre-season.

– The season will run for six months and end at 12.59.59pm Eastern on Sunday October 4, 2015.


The pre-season starts on Monday March 23 at 00.00.01 Eastern and will run for two weeks. During this time the team points earned will determine which of the divisions the teams will be in for the main season. At that point the divisions will be fixed and teams will not move up or down divisions during the season.

During the main season each team will be ranked within their divisions according to the amount of team points they have earned in any given week.

The week will end at 12.59.59pm Eastern on Sundays, whereupon the team points total will reset and Season Points will be awarded within each division according to the following formula.

first placed team – 5 points

second placed team – 4 points

third placed team – 3 points

fourth placed team – 2 points

fifth placed team – 1 point

The winning teams at the end of the season will be those teams who have gained the most season points within their particular division.

Badges and XP:

A special word about badges. Our number one complaint for Season Two was that XP was being awarded for being both the King of a badge and for having the team flag on a badge. The number one request for Season Three was that it should start on a level playing field for all with the king and flag bonuses reset to zero.

It is impossible to reset the kingships of badges without taking the badges away from people but we are not taking badge kingships away from anybody. If you as an individual CTP member claim a badge more than any other individual member (averaged over the last 30 days) then you will remain king (or queen) of that badge.

The badge kingships are an individual award and from Season Three, they will have no XP bonus associated with them. This way people get to keep their kingships but no team gets a head start on the rest of the competition by having members who have badge kingships.

For Season Three team flags will be the way teams can gain bonus XP for collecting badges. Flags are like kingships, except that they reward the team and not the individual. If the combined membership of a team has claimed a badge more than the combined membership of any other team then they will get their team flag on that badge and gain an XP bonus for each badge claimed by the team.

This bonus will be reset to zero at the start of the pre-season so that each team has an equal opportunity to get their team flags on badges. It will be reset to zero again at the end of the pre-season in time for the start of Season Three proper.

XP Bonus that teams have paid for will not be reset…because they have been paid for.

Social Media:

You can follow all the news and happenings of  CTP Teams by reading this blog, by liking us on Facebook or following the official Twitter account.

We’re about to take CTP Teams to the next level and can’t wait to welcome you on board. Get ready as this is going to rock.

Jon will be going over all this during a special edition of TELive today (Friday) at 4pm Eastern.

CTP Teams Season Three is coming splash page

11 responses to “Everything You Need To Know About CTP Teams Ahead Of Season Three”

  1. GREAT !!!! soo looking forward to it – MY goal is one…to be on top division and win top prize at 12.59.59pm Eastern on Sunday October 4, 2015 🙂 I have my brain set to that and so it will be! btw – not like it says on post Sunday October 4, 1015 lol …I aint picky tho 😉

    • Patrick Griffin says:

      Ok so maybe the requirement to make people jump back 1,000 years was a bit harsh…I have amended the post…thanks for letting me know.

      • Mona says:

        That was too funny Patrick (the comment about going back 1000 years:) and made me think of a proofreading book job I had did that contained over 35,000 words. It took me some time, countless checking and rechecking. We all know about those typos.. just saying ..even the best of writers make them:) Even Judges and Attorneys make typos – no one is exempt for that..lol

        You did a great post here and I would love to see Jon make a You-Tube video on these instructions so people can listen to him as well. Maybe then he can advertise it in Sweeva, etc. Some people do not always read verbatim and tend to listen more to a video. I like to do both myself.

        Great blog post Patrick and we will miss you in TE Live. Please visit on occasion there. I enjoyed watching and listening to you and Jons’ interact.

        Kudos on your blog post. Great work!!


  2. Yay, cant wait till the start of this season

  3. R Van Sky says:

    BAM I can’t wait. Best of luck to all competing.

  4. Ken Wolff says:

    Glad to see a level playing field. Looking forward to a great season. 😀

  5. Howard Fullmer says:

    We are the Ubers mighty mighty Ubers. Ubers Unite!!!!!!

  6. Bill Darton says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you guys and gals but we are… In To Win

    ‘Nuff Said.

    That’s All.


  7. Kathy Dyer says:

    Great post! Can’t wait for Monday!

  8. Glenn Witmer says:

    Get ready get set, almost time to go

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