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Get Social With CTP Teams Now On Twitter and Facebook

Get Social With CTP Teams Now On Twitter and Facebook

Did you know that CTP Teams is now on Twitter and Facebook?

Since we made our Facebook page we received more than 200 likes in just two days so thanks to everybody for such amazing support.

Of course everyone likes being liked so keep the love coming.

You can even be in with a chance of winning one of our new CTP Teams T-shirts by checking out our Facebook page and liking it.

Here’s how…

Also invite all your friends to like our Facebook page…we are all part of a great community so let’s really show the world just how awesome we really are.

If you really want to catch all the latest news and gossip about CTP Teams then this blog, our Facebook page and our new Twitter account @CTPTeams will ensure that you never miss any important announcement again.

In fact with this combination you will also never miss the regular announcements, the weird and wonderful ones and just about anything else we happen to say…ever.

CTP Teams is on Twitter @CTPTeams

Finally as Season Three is just around the corner, there could not be a better time to get fully connected with CTP Teams.

Very exciting times indeed are ahead.

3 responses to “Get Social With CTP Teams Now On Twitter and Facebook”

  1. I love challenges, I love when something new appears and radušću forward to starting 23.032015.

  2. Howard Fullmer says:

    I want the T-shirt so I liked on facebook 🙂

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