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Into The Oven For New Traffic Exchange

Into The Oven For New Traffic Exchange

Well it seems like no sooner does one CTP Teams member make a video then everyone is at it…well not quite everyone. (If I have told myself once not to exaggerate I have told myself a million times or more.)

Richard Arblaster, leader of #ovendogs, recently announced that his formerly secret Project Insanity was to be a new traffic exchange called Not Another Flipping TE or NAFTE for short.

Now it seems he is ready to take Beta Testers for this CTP Teams-inspired traffic exchange as his video below explains.

This is good timing because The TEGuy himself Jon Olson has just written a post – 5 Ways To Make Your Traffic Exchange Better.

Hit Exchange News - 5 Ways To Make Your Traffic Exchange Better

Definitely worth checking out for both new and existing TE owners.

Not Another Flipping Traffic Exchange squeeze page

I am looking forward to seeing how this project progresses.

45 responses to “Into The Oven For New Traffic Exchange”

  1. WOW! Good luck with your new project Richard!

  2. Hey Patrick,

    Thanks for the love. I really appreciate it.

    This is going to be awesome. 🙂

  3. Jon says:

    Congratulations Richard!

  4. Georgia says:

    Congratulations, Richard – best of luck with your new TE

  5. Bob Sims says:

    I’m in….. Folks can always use a hand-up.

  6. WTG Richard! Congratz on taking action!Wish you the best of luck !

  7. John Brewer says:

    I wish you luck Richard.

    I do hope you pay attention to what Jon said in his post.

    He knows what e is talking about – no matter if folks want to listen or not 🙂

    I’m on your list dude! When do we get the TE link?

    Good luck.

  8. charlotte ericson says:

    Good luck with your TE.

  9. Selya Rollins says:

    Go for it Richard!

  10. Anton Parvov says:

    Good luck with your new project!

  11. Awesome, can’t wait for the launch

  12. A good idea is a good idea. I have been playing with the idea of making a video. I started wanting to after I saw one featuring a young lady and all the money she made with Kore4. She was showing off new shoes. And honestly if I had not already signed up for Kore4 I would have because of her video. Cuz the first thing I thought after watching it was, ” I want some new shoes too!”

  13. Glenn Witmer says:

    Good Luck Richard…look forward to the launch

  14. Frank says:

    Good Luck Richard!

  15. Best of luck Richard and as Jon would say be the purple cow when setting it up.

  16. Good stuff Richard….hmmmm I wonder if there will be any XP points on offer at launch? 🙂

  17. Stephen Whittle says:

    Good luck with the new TE!

  18. Justin says:

    Testing comments ip fix

  19. Jon Olson says:

    Use that advice I put on the blog and I predict big things for NAFTE….

  20. Patricia Hedge says:

    Congrats Richard! Wishing you every success and best wishes!

  21. Way to go good luck and best wishes Richard

  22. Howard Fullmer says:

    great job with your video I need to get out of the box and make a video someday

  23. Karen Kuty says:

    Congratulations to Richard and good luck with the new TE!

  24. Andi Adn says:

    Good luck with your TE .-

  25. Raj G says:

    Congrats for the new TE…!!!

  26. Good wishes to you Richard, hope this new exchange works out well.

  27. Coco starring in a TE? This could be very interesting. I wish you much luck.


  28. Stephen Hall says:

    looking for beta testers i’m your man i’ve tested lots of TEs and love seeing new stuff and helping to improve them too….
    videomemo on here at ctp

  29. Is This A Joke?
    Well every day I say to myself struth not another Friggin TE and every day of the week they keep coming, now we will just call them that just another friggin TE. Next it will be Just another friggin mailer.

  30. Sig says:

    Just an other Friggin Te … 🙂 And just an other Friggin Mailer.. 🙂

    Lol..cant say I didnt like those words 😀

    Well anyway good luck with ya project.
    Have a good time with it…

    Alpha Rise!

  31. Wendy says:

    Good Luck to your project 🙂
    Hope to see something different in the future.

  32. Congrats Richard – I hope you knock it outta da park! 😉

  33. Wow Richard. All the best with this not so secret project.


  34. steven schofield says:

    Good luck with your TE Richard.

  35. I am really looking forward to it Richard!!!

  36. Patricia Dean says:

    Congrats on your new venture. I hope it goes well, Richard,

  37. Gary Calvert II says:

    Interesting name, lol. I wish you all the luck with this project. Seems like a real winner. 🙂

  38. There are so many TE’s and not enough time to do them all.
    If you like to surf, you are having a ball.
    Don’t worry though you will not fail
    if you keep it up you might even get a check in the mail.

  39. Abdellah says:

    Congratulations and good luck 🙂

  40. Ken Wolff says:

    WTG Richard! Good skill with your flipping TE! They say a picture is worth a thousand words…I say that a video is worth exponentially more! 😀 I think this includes a back link to my video.

  41. GOOOOOO TEAMS!!! New week and NEW fun!!

  42. Kris Rogers says:

    Congrats Richard! Wishing you good luck with your new project.

  43. Thanks for all of the comments everyone.

    A lot of stuff will be happening launch day 😉

  44. Jean Gibling says:

    Congrats, Richard. Wishing you good fortune.

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