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Dramatic End To Season Two As Ubers Close 8 Billion Point Gap To Tie with Alphas

Dramatic End To Season Two As Ubers Close 8 Billion Point Gap To Tie with Alphas

Uber Surfers take Week 10 of Season Two of CTP Teams to tie the season with SurfAholics Alpha for a joint season win

Season Two of CTP Teams ended about as dramatically as it was possible to get.

For most of the early part of the week it was neck-and-neck between Season One champions SurfAholics Alpha and Uber Surfers.

Then the Alphas began to slowly edge forward in the final few days to the point that with just minutes to go to yesterday’s deadline they were around eight billion points in the lead.

Maybe they thought they had the win in the bag – winning Week 10 would have won them the entire season outright and making them the sole winners of the first two seasons of CTP Teams.

However Uber Surfers had other ideas and, with a last minute push to close the gap, they gave it their all…and succeeded with more than one billion points to spare.

That final effort means that Alphas and Ubers are joint winners of Season Two – each with 651 season points. Lucky 13 came in third place for Week 10 and also take third place for the season with 639 season points.

Top Three CTP Teams teams as Season Two reached a dramatic climax after 10 weeks of competition.

The end of the season was so close that Jon Olson posted to Facebook: “What an absolute EPIC end to Season 2 of ‪#‎CTPTeams.

“With only seconds to go, the Uber Surfers come back and TIE to co-win the Season….Huge congrats to both the Ubers and SurfAholics Alpha…Lucky 13 and all the teams…Wow.

I’m Speechless. What a come back!!! Last second….Crazy finish!”

And to Twitter…

Very little separated these two top teams during the entire season and, in the end, very little separated them in the final week. The fact that they both share the top spot for Season Two just shows how evenly matched these teams were.

Don’t miss today’s TELive at 4pm Eastern where Jon Olson will unveil details of what is in store for all new  Season Three at CTP Teams.

30 responses to “Dramatic End To Season Two As Ubers Close 8 Billion Point Gap To Tie with Alphas”

  1. Karen Kuty says:

    Congratulations to the two winners! Congratulations to all the players!

  2. Keith says:

    That’s crazy! Congrats to everyone on both teams and well done to everybody else!

    Going to be interesting to see the changes for the next season!

    Keep having fun!

  3. thats a mega climb just at the last moment 🙂

  4. Stephen Daniel says:

    Wow Oh Wow MONEY is what took the Ubers to the top and nothing else, I just don’t understand what CTP is up to.There latest idea is to allow TE owners the ability to buy the xp points they need to rise to the top. I have been watching the TE owner at Ubers how he is buying points without surfing, very interesting it seems the TE owner at the very last minute made up over 8 Billion points, now give me a break no one can accumulate that many points surfing without buying xp points. So this is my latest great idea why not have a TE owner on every team and when your team gets behind just have the TE owner buy some xp points. That way none of us have to surf anymore if we get behind we just give the TE owner on our team some money they buy the points and that way you stay on top sounds like a win win for everybody especially CTP just think of the money CTP could make. I hope they will consider my idea.

    • Boris says:

      I would agree with you if the ability to buy XP is reserved for TE owners only, but everyone can buy XP to his hearts content. As for what Tim Tech is up to, don’t forget that first and foremost they are a business and their “CTP Teams Game” includes in-app purchases, as do many freemium games out there. Will you play “free only” will you “buy to win” or mix the two approaches is entirely up to you.

      • TE Owners get more advantages than surfers by spending lots of money on CTP (promos and such), so they get more reward points to turn into XP.
        Surfers usually have more time to get XP for free, so that’s quite fair after all. Not all SurfAholics whine.

        Of course, 9 billions in a few seconds is a new milestone: we used to jump up at last minute in the past, never this much.
        We probably underestimated the Ubers, our fault. 😀

        However congratulations to the winners!

        And best of luck for the new season.

        • Stephen Daniel says:

          Sabrina you brown noser I dare you calling me whiner so I guess it’s all right with you that TE owner on Ubers bought the win right out from under you and or team?? If that’s the case why do we even try winning these games all the surfing is for nothing!!! Why didn’t someone on our team step up and buy the win maybe take up a collection!!

          • It is my fault, so leave it at that. Congratulations to the Ubers. Now, we have learned the lesson, so we go on to Season 3.

          • Jon says:

            I think name calling is extremely unnecessary. Maybe you need to learn a little humility or at least a few manners.

          • Victoria Stein says:

            the sheer arrogance and decided ‘entitlement’ of some….let this not spoil the ‘process’ for the rest!

    • Thumbs up for your idea, that would be common sense.
      Not just for the XP itself, but when you see TE owners banning some team opponents for a reason which isn’t between them and the TE itself, you begin to understand how dangerous it can be.

      Luckily most owners are unbiased: they still get XP for buying what they need, but still fairly.

      Another danger is that many CTP Teams surfers might think of creating new traffic exchanges, and the “plague” is already on, no need to fuel it.
      But again, common sense folks! 😉

    • Victoria Stein says:

      Money has never made man happy, nor will it, there is nothing in its
      nature to produce happiness. The more of it one has the more one wants.
      Benjamin Franklin

  5. Raj G says:

    Excellent comeback by Ubers…

    Cheers to both Alpha and Uber Teams for being Joint Winners…

    Oh! What a finish really…!!!

  6. Patsy jPayne - konnektions konsultant says:

    Guess I’m kinda in the dark … Do teams with VERY ACTIVE and FUNDS have an advantage that us little guys cannot compete with???
    I can pray that TimTech realizes the disparity and changes Season 3 to give all teams with great SURFERS and motivation to be a Premier Team an equal advantage. Many of us do not have the FUNDS the big guys have, yet we have the motivation to be an awesome contributer to the Tim Tech Model.
    Just a thought
    Patsy j Payne
    konnektions konsultat
    very PROUD CTP Team Leader
    Relationship Builder

  7. howard Fullmer says:

    I agree with Terry lets move on to season 3. Ubers unite!!!!!

  8. Victoria Stein says:

    If money cannot buy love, does it buy contempt? I did not ever expect to be ‘paid’ for competition, it is a value to consider as re-investment….and Thank you TimTech for ‘sharing’ and contributing to your members.

    Being part of various teams has taught me more than words can express, and one can see what might motivate an individual few. Overall, the benefit is working closely with others that you might not otherwise have the opportunity to get to know!

    Many sacrifices have been made for the team efforts, and would be wise to consider the actual ‘monetary’ loss from other important life functions not receiving the attentions they deserve.

  9. James Bain says:

    Why was my post removed?

    • Jon Olson says:

      Because I’m not going to let you trash CTP Teams and my company. If you have something constructive, please post it.

  10. Let me put a bit of this controversy to rest.

    Actually it had absolutely nothing to do with being a TE owner. It had everything to do with how much cash an individual has to play with.

    You see I am the individual who put in all the XP at the end to put the UBERS over the top and I just happen to be a TE owner. But being a TE owner gave me no advantage over any other player; in fact it was a disadvantage, because not only am I a TE owner, I own two TEs that I am the sole operator of, I run them, I do the support, the maintenance, and make all the improvements to them all by myself. In addition to which I have an offline job and a wife that likes to take up my time; so time for surfing for me is quite limited.

    My advantage, is that I happen to have some cash available to me that many don’t necessarily have. I am married to a doctor who has her own practice, and I am a Senior Software Developer in my offline job. My last employer whom I worked for 9 years was very generous and gave stock options to the employees early on as an incentive, they eventually went public and I was able to cash in to the tune of approximately $250,000. Most of that was used to help pay for the home in which we currently live. We helped design and had our dream house built in 2000. It resides on 3 acres of land outside Chicago which we purchased for $300,000 and then built a $1,200,000 house on. We have both worked our butts off and in November of last year we completely paid off the mortgage, which has allowed us to free up cash for other purposes.

    As we were paying over $14,000 monthly to pay off the mortgage sooner than the original length of the mortage, I could have easily bought enough XP to win every Team event for the rest of the year. But I didn’t and won’t. The week before last I did purchase XP for a special project I am working on, and it would have been enough to win both lat week and this week and still have some left over, but that was not my intention. I only put enough in to keep the UBERS in play last week and left it up to the team to win it or not. This week I was going to do the same, but someone from the SAA team pushed me and so I put in a bit extra at the end to force a season ending tie.

    Now some think it is unfair to buy XP for the team play, but that is the very first thing listed under the “Earn Points For Your Team” button on the team page. So everyone not just TE owners have the ability to buy XP. TE owners are not given any breaks because we are TE owners, we pay the same rates as anyone else. I get breaks because I realize that discounts are given for volume purchases so I spend money to get those discounts; and not just with TT, but with other suppliers as well. It is thinking that everything can be had for free that limits most people. When you do what is legally necessary to acquire the cash to make purchases and buy in bulk, you are sometimes able to do what others cannot do.

    • Jon Olson says:

      ^^^^^^ Must read

    • And I forgot to add 2 things:

      First, you don’t have to worry about me buying out future team competitions because as of this week as I will no longer be participating as a team member on any team.

      And second, you don’t have to worry about anyone buying out the team competitions because TT is making changes to the competition to allow for sponsored groups so each group will also be a competition within itself.

      • Evelyn Kramer says:

        William, I’m sorry you felt the need to explain. It is only common sense how these things work. I am in a similar circumstance as you. Although not as experienced as you in the business. As an individual player, not because I own TEs, I gauge my XP gift giving based on my Team’s performance and how much they seem to want to accomplish.

        One person could buy the whole thing I suppose but what would be the point? I use my spending power to encourage what my team is already doing on their own. They worked hard to push to 5th place and I pushed to keep them there. It was a battle until the last few minutes. (No one looks below #3)

        Yeah, no one cares what the lower teams do except the teams themselves. We have no lofty goals as the top teams had it locked(great job all of you) We wanted to get to OUR best place. This season it was 5th place Overall we ended up 6th (shrug)

        My point is we all have a story, and team goals. If you meet those goals, then you win.
        I love my Team and I am proud of what we did together. No amount of money can buy that sharing and working together.

        William, I hope a sour note or two don’t ruin this for you. I understand getting caught in the moment. I applaud your efforts. I hope you don’t quit because of crazy comments.
        If you quit it should be because you do have a lot on your plate. Congratulations!

        Congratulations to my Team Wealth Builders!!
        Big Motherly hug to each one of you. 🙂

        • No I am not leaving due to any of the comments, my decision to leave was was made some time ago; about the time that Robert Arnold announced his leaving. It is entirely based on my need to give more attention to my TEs and my members there.

          I am in the process of adapting a new existing game that if successful will feature XP as the reward and that is why I made the large XP purchase in the first place; and I have been sitting on the mound of XP for a couple of weeks. Even with what I put into the UBERS win, I still have plenty left over to kick start the new endeavor.

      • Stephen Daniel says:

        William thank you so much for coming on this site and explaining you sure didn’t have to, I have a lot respect for you for doing so. Thank you for shedding some light on how things work at CTP and the teams.I was just teed off about losing in the manner that we lost I apologize for the ranting and the whining that my team mate called me. Also congratulations to the UBERS for there win!

    • William, I do not blame you a bit. Under the circumstances, I would probably do the same. Onward to Season 3.

    • Sunny Suggs says:

      William – you owe no one an explanation. The fact that you gave one anyway shows so much character. I have so much respect for you for this, and always did before this post.

      There were many times when it was Lucky 13 v SAAs – and both teams were on a buying frenzy during the last 5 minutes. That’s absolutely the fastest way to get XP for our team – and a great way to leverage CTP.

      The phrase “Willing to do whatever it takes” comes to mind – and the Ubers certainly were.

      And, if anybody *is* spending their mortgage money on XP – really, this is just a game. Just. A. Game.

  11. That was an interesting season 2.
    Congratulations to all teams and team members!

    Good luck with season 3!

  12. Victoria Stein says:

    It was not about mortgage or money so much as it was to thwart intimidation…

    I really appreciate the care and concern for others on the team and the ‘fairness’ shown to anyone that ever participated, no matter how brief,..as all were included in the final calculations,…not being name called on an open chat or blog.

    I wish to see ‘many’ more winners in the new SEASON AHEAD!

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