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Alphas Crushing Week Nine as Season Two Enters Its Final Phase

Alphas Crushing Week Nine as Season Two Enters Its Final Phase

Top three teams in CTP Teams Premier League S2 W9 D6

With almost a 12 billion point lead over their nearest rivals, SurfAholics Alpha are determined to make week nine theirs as they push to win Season Two of CTP Teams.

Currently neck-and-neck on season points with second-placed Uber Surfers, either of these two top teams could take the honors – however if Ubers plan to pounce then they had better do it soon.

Lucky 13 is in third place, their natural home in CTP Teams so far and the top eight teams have all amassed more than one billion points during this week of competition.

The OutKasts – the team which prides itself in being the only team which is guaranteed never to win anything – is number four in the Competitive League but looks to be in no danger of gracing the Premier League with its presence this season.

Apart from Beginners and Winners and WealthBuilders swapping positions with each other, the Premier League table is in much the same order as it was at the start of this week.

In the Competitive League, Hits WorkForce and Dream Team were the only two teams to amass more than a billion points this week and they are both very close to each other in the top two spots. Whatever happens it looks certain that they will end Season Two in the Premier League and In To Win should also join them for Week 10.

There is, as ever, still a lot to play for. Good luck everyone.


8 responses to “Alphas Crushing Week Nine as Season Two Enters Its Final Phase”

  1. I would expect nothing else 🙂

  2. marye says:

    Good Luck to All….it’s not over yet!

  3. Evelyn Kramer says:

    It should be a fun last week. Gook luck everyone. Better yet,
    “work hard and make your luck.” That’s what my Dad used to tell me.

  4. Raj G says:

    OMG… what a lead… leaving behind any sort of competition…!

  5. Alphas are always up for a challenge.

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