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Huge $2,500 Prize Pot For Season Two Winners Announced

Huge $2,500 Prize Pot For Season Two Winners Announced

The top three teams at the end of Season Two will share a $2,500 prize pool, Jon Olson announced yesterday in TELive.

The prizes will be broken down as follows…

First place – $1,750

Second place – $500

Third place – $250

This is a huge increase over Season One where the prize fund worked out at $142 for each of the 35 weeks of competition. In contrast the current prize pool is $250 a week this season – an increase of more than 75%.

The prizes will be awarded to the team leaders and it will be up to them how it is distributed within their teams.

For Season Three we plan to shake things up a bit in order to make the contest more exciting for all teams – no matter where their position is within CTP Teams.

In order to make the necessary changes there will be another break between seasons – at least one week and possibly two – but we will keep let you know for sure as soon as the dates are finalized.

We have big plans for Season Three and it is fair to say that we will be changing things up quite a bit and we feel sure that you will like the new format.

Jon and I gave some hints in TELive yesterday about some of the changes, and in case you were not there, then this is a recap:

+ Season Three will be longer than Season Two (but shorter than Season One)

+ There will be an integral ‘pre-season’ element at the beginning – the pre-season phase of the contest will be a very important part of Season Three

+ The aim is to announce the structure of the season in advance and then not make any changes for the entire season. We do reserve the right to make changes for operational reasons but will endeavor not to do so unless strictly necessary.

That is about as much as I can say for now…but rest assured, I will be telling all very soon indeed.

Enjoy the rest of Season Two. Tom Wacker predicted a win for SurfAholics Alpha on his show yesterday and he could well be right. However there is virtually nothing at all separating Alphas from Walter Mulder’s Uber Surfers so the winner will be which of the two teams has the better strategy in these final two weeks.

Both teams are easily capable of winning and both are made up of strong, dedicated and resourceful players so it will be an epic battle of two very deserving CTP Teams giants.

I will make one prediction though…Lucky 13 will finish the season in third place.

17 responses to “Huge $2,500 Prize Pot For Season Two Winners Announced”

  1. really lookimg forward to season 3,it will be interesting if it shifts the balance a bit and how it may just invigorate those teams that hover in the middle, and boost those teams that like to work in the background

  2. Tom Wacker says:

    Wowwwww. Great prizes! I mean really.

    I am also looking forward to season three. I strongly suspect that the teams that work the hardest will be near the top…I’m just sayin’

    • Patrick Griffin says:

      I don’t think I will be giving any trade secrets away here…yes the teams that work the hardest will be near the top.

      Massive hint for CTP Teams blog post readers…make a really big effort at the pre-season period…it will pay off big time. Right no more hints from me.

  3. Andrew Stark says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if a referral element was added into the mix rather than just who can surf the most?

    That way it will get people promoting CTP to a wider audience and generating more income for TT which in turn means bigger prizes for those who promote it.

    With the pre-season it will be good to see how and who is selected, do you need to have more of a balance in the teams?

  4. Jon says:


  5. Mary says:

    Those are great prizes – for 3 teams. Since we didn’t have the monthly reward points this time I was hoping there would be something for the other teams. I hope Season Three will give more teams a chance to win.

  6. WeeeeHoooooooAhhhhhhhhh

  7. James Ong says:

    Is it possible to limit the number of Kore4 members per team to have more even spread across all teams? After all, only Kore4 members can create new teams and if most Kore4 members concentrate on the top 3 teams, then the competitive element is lost.

    • James Bain says:

      I think you have a great point.

    • Patrick Griffin says:

      It is a benefit of being Kore4 that these members have the exclusive perk of creating teams.

      I think it would be a little odd if someone wanted to upgrade to K4 and we told them that this was not possible unless they changed teams.

      K4 membership is open to all and K4 members are found throughout CTP Teams.

  8. Evelyn Kramer says:

    The comment that’s eating a hole in my brain is the “pre-season element”
    I am already making a strategic plan based on the hints and clues those tight lipped TT guys have let slip.

    It seems like it’s not likely to get boring any time soon.
    Go Wealth Builders!

  9. Sig says:

    Some interesting prizes indeed…

    But I looks like it can be even more interesting to roll into next season… and no it aint Christmas season or something I talk about…even if that could have come from me.,…

    Well well… I follow from the sideline of this nice and intersting FIGHT!

    Must the best team, with the best work spirits win..either its Team this, or team that…


    “Allways got my peacmaker under my pillow” 🙂

  10. Wow great prizes, hope our team gets in also.

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