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How I Got It So Right (And So Terribly Wrong) In The Same Post

How I Got It So Right (And So Terribly Wrong) In The Same Post

Late surge from SurfAholics Alpha put them top on S2 W8 D7

I knew I shouldn’t have made predictions. As soon as I pressed the “send” button on the last teams update post I said as much to myself.

I wrote: “Right now Ubers are first with a sizeable lead over the Alphas and Lucky 13 are third. If I was a betting man, that is how I would predict the top three teams to remain on Sunday night…”


Then I wrote: “…however CTP Teams is far from predictable so I won’t be placing any bets.”


Just look what SurfAholics Alpha has done in the final day of this week’s contest…they have added rocket fuel to their activity and leapt from third place to first in a single bound.

Not only have they gone into first place but they are so far ahead of the field that could anyone catch them now? Alphas are currently on 42 billion points compared with “just” 22 billion for second placed Ubers and 7 billion for third placed Lucky 13.

Talking of Lucky 13, I should have paid more attention to their team member and CTP Teams expert Tom Wacker because he predicted this on Monday.

On his show he said he felt that this would be the week that the SAA’s pounced and put in a concerted effort to win Week 8…and it looks as though this is what happened.

Exactly what the SAAs did remains unclear…you can’t fault a team for wanting to keep their strategy secret. However they insist that they have played within the rules and that the whole team was involved in the push for first place.

So am I going to predict a win for the Alphas? Not quite. I am not getting caught out like that twice in one week…but I will be paying very close attention to what Tom Wacker has to say tomorrow.

25 responses to “How I Got It So Right (And So Terribly Wrong) In The Same Post”

  1. Jon says:

    So right, yet so wrong 😉

  2. Good thing you’re not a betting man.

  3. Well what ever they did to add 26 billion in a blink of an eye, really needs to be looked into.
    To say that they put in a concerted effort is absolute BS.
    If that had been the case we would have seen a gradual increase but 26 bil inside a minute that took more than concerted effort.
    That took something that should be published and explained.
    I am sure I am not alone in wanting to know how to pull that sort of caper.
    Ask any team lower on the scale if they would like to earn 26 bil in a flash and you would have a massive audience.
    Lets see how many camels backs get broken by this 26 billion straw.

    • Look who’s whining now

      • As I have clearly stated before you are first class idiot Stephen Daniel .
        And more so why don’t you show everyone who you really are instead of hiding behind a picture which is not you. Which then makes me wonder is that your real name.
        Whining is complaining if anything I am asking questions that many would like an answer to.

    • Wendy Browning says:

      It’s not a mistery. When timtech offer xp for purchases, you purchase them. C’Mon man don’t act like you don’t know how a team could get that many points so fast. Now you know it’s not limited to only one team.

    • Jon Olson says:

      We will look into this…But there is no need for anyone to ‘tell another team’ how they got points. Here’s the thing…Every single team can earn any single amount of points. Just like the Ubers have leveraged other things to earn loads of points, SAA’s looked to have found a way as well…

      However, if there was a mistake on our end, we will look into it and find it.

  4. Glenn Witmer says:

    Wow that is quite a big jump

  5. 🙂 ahh conjecture, keeps us all alive and thriving

  6. Kris Rogers says:

    How they do it is remarkable and very committed to the cause. Well done!

  7. Raj G says:

    Hard Competition…!!!

  8. Karen Kuty says:

    It’s always something!

  9. My question is not SAA related, it has to do with all the teams. What exactly do you mean by “within the rules”? Can you please list the rules somewhere? I am not new to this thing, but I still can’t find the rules anywhere. Is it a bad searching capability of mine? If yes, I apologize in advance.

    • Sunny Suggs says:

      If there’s not a rule, it’s leverage. Leverage is good.

      • Sunny, I know what leverage is and I know that leverage is good. But when rules are missing, it’s not leverage, it’s the jungle. That is why I am asking, maybe stupidly, where can I find the rules. I mean in every site there are terms and conditions, in every contest there are rules, in every game there are rules. That is why I am stubbornly asking where can I find the rules for this game, contest, call it any way you want. And my question does not focus on the “where” part but on the “rules” part. I will be happy if someone explained them to me, telling me what is allowed and what is not. And I am not looking for “botsurfing not allowed” or “someone else for you surfing not allowed” answers. These are elementary rules in the TE land. And again, I am not blaming any team or any member whatsoever for doing such things, let me be clear about this. I am actually asking the question “Are there actually any rules in this?”. I don’t know, maybe I am the only one who sees it this way.

      • Wendy Browning says:

        Leverage is good.

    • Jon Olson says:

      Seaosn3 is going to have a lot more ‘rules’ that we currently have..But here’s the short short version of it….The rules are what you guys make! We pretty much give you all carte blanche…You can get XP from anything and everything inside of CTP…

  10. Sunny Suggs says:

    The question shouldn’t be “what did they do” but “how can I do it next time”.

    And… what they did be made public? Yes, I agree with that, and I’m going to immediately write Hershey, and let them know that I want to compete with them, and they need to be fully transparent, and give me all their recipes, so I can have a fair advantage in the marketplace.

    Great job! Keep coming back.

  11. Howard Fullmer says:

    Life is like a box of chocolate.

  12. Victoria Stein says:

    Successful people control their thoughts and emotions, and support others…..

    I not see this from the name callers,…and when folks are so arrogant that they are better….animals do tend to make more sense….

  13. Wow thanks for the info Patrick

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