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Slow Down Strays…Cats Are Running Like Their Tails Are On Fire

Slow Down Strays…Cats Are Running Like Their Tails Are On Fire

CTP Teams massive lead for The Strays

Ok so it looks like The Strays have already won this week’s competition because I can’t see anyone catching them now. The gap between them and second placed SurfAholics – Alpha is 320 million points. Yep! 320 million. We have never seen the likes of it before.

At one point they had three people upgrade to Kore4 and then four and all the time their recruitment drive has gone until they have now filled their team – 25 homeless cats have been taken off the streets and all but three of them are Kore4 members. So although not one of their stated goals, The Strays are in a very strong position to be the first all Kore4 team in CTP Teams.

Alphas and Lucky 13 will continue to battle for second place while Dream Team, SurfAholics Bravo and Crazy Cats People are all battling to avoid relegation.

CTP Teams - Competitive League

Meanwhile in the Competitive League it looks like Bonz Brigade won’t have too much trouble moving back up a league. Currently C.T.P Renegades and Dr Kelps Racers look like joining them but this is far from settled. Lions and Wake Up Now are really close and it would not take much to see them go up this week.

But this week’s big news is the cats. Who would have thought that former teammates would be at the top and bottom of the Premier League? You guys sure do keep things interesting around here.


28 responses to “Slow Down Strays…Cats Are Running Like Their Tails Are On Fire”

  1. Georgia says:

    Meow…glad I have a home off the streets πŸ™‚

  2. charlotte ericson says:

    WTG Strays! We’ll catch up with you next week.

  3. Kris Rogers says:

    Strays had focus and dedication this weekand it is great to have a full team now. Agree with Georgia, nice and cosy off the streets.

  4. Yeah, I am so glad to have such a great home. Enjoying it!!

  5. Wendy says:

    We’re going to make a history record!

  6. Arancha Lopez says:

    Go go Bonz we can get to go premier league !!!!!

  7. Their tails must be on fire! Seems like great communication and timing has been working for them πŸ˜‰

  8. Stephen Whittle says:

    WTG! See you next week!

  9. Anne Bergman says:

    We will catch up with you next week

    Go team Lucky13

  10. Jon says:

    Outstanding work Strays but can you keep it up once the upgrade bonuses are out of play? We will see……..

  11. Karen Kuty says:

    Since this is all about fun–it’s fun to see what’s going on, but I can’t get TOO excited about it! It is amazing to see the power of multiple one-off bonuses. Too bad the points don’t translate directly into $$$–that would be REALLY exciting.

  12. Andi Adn says:

    a new home that make proud.

  13. Howard Fullmer says:

    Great Job strays

  14. Selya Rollins says:

    Yes those tails are truly on fire, nice job.

  15. Lynn M says:

    Well played, Strays. Will be interesting to see how future weeks pan out, tho.

  16. Virginia Herron says:

    Can never get too ahead. It’s true though, that next week will have to be a different game plan.

  17. Way to go strays, this is your week in the sunshine for sure.

  18. Mary Golon says:

    The surfaholics won’t give up. This is fun.

  19. It would certainly be fun to be at the head of the pack, the head of the class, Valedictorian, magma cum laud, etc,etc,etc. I am sure you have a strong sense of accomplishment. I believe in the saying: to thine own self be true. There are a lot of reasons to be on a team and a sense of accomplishment is just one. There is also a sense of companionship, of learning and many other factors that make life interesting. Like I tell my friends though, it is really all about a balance in life. I like not feeling lopsided. So strays don’t forget to get down out of climbing trees and sing on the fence or chase your tail or chase a ball, chase a mouse, catch a mole,etc… once in a while.

  20. Sig says:

    They got a gap to us all now… but what happens the day theyr empty of new K4, will all K4 in theyr team feel safe?? πŸ˜‰

    We see…we are comming ….and yes as the Terminator said;

    I’ll be BACK!

  21. I was wondering if the end is coming unless they ask the weakest link to leave and bring another non KORE4 member to join and get the bonus???

  22. Cathrine says:

    We canΒ΄t win everytime…. Sometimes we just have to let another team win πŸ˜‰

    Cattis Team Surfaholics

  23. Patricia Dean says:

    I wonder who will end up Premier ?

  24. Abdellah says:

    good luck everyone πŸ™‚

  25. That was an incredible lead that they built. The question will be can they do that every week or did they burn all their resources to do that this week.

  26. Ken Wolff says:

    I still have a secret plan I am going public with. 30 thousand of my random selected friends will hear about it…only 1 can take advantage of it…watch out strays when that happens. Shhhhhh!

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